Using TurnItIn and GradeMark With Pilot

TurnItIn is a plagiarism detection service that is integrated within Pilot. GradeMark, an online tool for grading and annotating student assignments is also available for you to use. For more information on these services, see the following links:  Originality Report  and GradeMark. Both of these services are available simply by enabling OriginalityCheck when you create a Dropbox in Pilot.

When you create (or edit) a Dropbox, the option for TurnItIn and GradeMark is found under the “OriginalityCheck” setting. Simply check the box the says “Enable for this folder”  and all submissions to the Dropbox will automatically cause a report to be generated.


Clicking on “Show Advanced Originality Checking Options” (under the “OriginalityCheck Options” setting) allows you to choose  the sources against which the submission is compared, as well as choosing the criteria you want used for the report creation.


If you want students to be able to view the originality reports on their submissions, check that box under the “Display” setting and set the date that you want the reports to be available.


To view the originality reports, click on the downward arrow beside the name of the Dropbox folder, and choose “View Submissions”.


Click on the colored box that is located beside the originality report score to open the report.

TurnItIn Report.jpg

Select whether you want to see the Originality Report (default view) or to access GradeMark.