Using Release Conditions to manage access to items in Pilot.

Pilot provides for conditional release of almost anything available in a Pilot course by using a feature called Release Conditions.  This means you can require that certain conditions be met before a student can access other content, resources, assignments, quizzes, exams, discussions, modules, etc.


A very simple example of this is that a student cannot begin working on course content and activities until they have viewed the class syllabus, grading policies, student expectations, watch the academic integrity video and pass a quiz over it before they can access any other content in your course. Once students have viewed those items, they can then begin the course.  Another example is that students must view a video before they can participate in a discussion about that video and submit their opinion paper into a dropbox.  A final example is that students must achieve a score of 80% or greater on their progress self check quiz/pretest before being given access to take the actual exam for that section or module.

It is easy to set up Release conditions however you need to have the pre-requisite content or activity for release already created in Pilot before you can use it as a Release Condition.  You do not have to have that pre-requiste item in final form, it just has to exist in Pilot first! You can set up Release Conditions for a single item or for an entire module if you wish.

To set up up a release condition, go to the Edit Properties for the item or module you want held back from the student until the release conditions are met


and then look for the following options (if you don’t see them under Edit Properties, click on the Restrictions tab and look for them there.)

To begin, Click on Create


and then choose your first release condition


and then the condition details


then click Create.

You can then click on the Create again and repeat that step if you have 2(or more!) conditions you want included. Once you have your condition(s) created, you will then be able to choose All or Any for the condition(s) to be met.


The any conditions option would allow for students to watch the Class Overview Video which covers the expectations and grading policies OR to view those documents in Pilot to unlock the next activity or module while the ALL conditions requires EVERY condition listed to be met before the student can move forward.

Finally, once you have created Release Conditions, you can also use them elsewhere in the course by clicking the Browse button to choose release conditions you have already set up.