Screen Capture on almost any computer or device!

Did you know that if you have a computer, mobile phone or tablet, you can quickly and easily take a snapshot of the screen and share them with others, include them in documents and presentations, to communicate weird error messages or capture confirmation screens?

Here are the ways to do this for the most popular devices; you will need to hold down the listed keys/buttons at the same time to make this work.. In addition, many of these also provide a fee and simple image editor as well.

MacBooks, iMacs and other Mac computers

Shift-Command-3: Captures the entire screen as an image file on your desktop

Shift-Command-4: Allows you select part of the screen and saves it to an image on your desktop

Shift-Option-Command-3: Copies the entire screen to the clipboard where you can then paste it anywhere that accepts images

Shift-Option-Command-4: Copies the selected part of the screen to the clipboard where you can then paste it anywhere that accepts images

Apple provide an App called Preview which allows you to open these screen grabs, edit them and then save them

On Windows computers

Alt-Print Screen (many keyboards abbreviate Print Screen as Prt Scn): Save an image of the entire screen to the clipboard and you can paste it into anywhere that allows you to paste an image. If you need to trim or crop it, you can use PowerPoint’s Crop tool.

(If you have a newer version of MS Office on your Windows computer, it also provides a screenshot capture button inside many of the Office Apps such as Word and PowerPoint that allows you to select the part of the screen you wish to capture and places it in your Office Application that also has image editing tools as well.

iOS Devices(iPhones, iPads)

Press the Power & Home button at the same time

The screen capture will be placed in your Photos App where you can view, edit and share the image.

Android Screen Capture (needs to be Android v 4.0 or later)

Press the Power Button and Volume down at the same time & hold for 1 second. You will see the screen flash and the captured photo of the screen can now be found in the Gallery App, most likely in an album entitled Screenshots


Press Ctrl - .  (Ctrl-Period key) Use the File Manager to find the screenshots folder which contains your image.

- Blog entry written by CTL's Instructional Designer Greg Asman -