Schedule and Conduct Real-time Class Meetings with Pilot Live

You may have used Elluminate or Blackboard Collaborate for virtual real-time class meetings. Now, the tool that you’ve used has a new name—Pilot Live.

With Pilot Live, you can schedule and conduct live class meetings that include audio, video, whiteboards, and polls.  It’s easy to upload PowerPoint presentations, share applications, conduct a web tour, and much more.

Using Pilot Live is a great way to increase interaction in the classroom. Here are some occasions where you might find Pilot Live particularly useful:

Virtual office hours – Pilot Live is a great way to provide additional one-on-one or group class time with students. Anytime, anywhere, you can work through a problem on the white board, show a web tour, demonstrate how to use a shared application, and many other activities.

Team Collaboration: Your students have busy schedules just like you, so why not make it easy for them to meet outside of class? With Pilot Live, you can create a virtual meeting place for groups. You can even create private breakout rooms to enable small group collaboration online.

Inclement weather: Bad weather or emergencies don’t have to mean a cancelled class. Online rooms can be created quickly and easily to provide a virtual meeting place to keep your class on track.

Virtual field trips: Bring remote locations into the virtual classroom with Pilot Live’s webcam capability. With virtual field trips, students can have experiences that would be impossible to bring into a live classroom. Dr. Tom Moncrief of Union County Public School has used virtual field trips to enable his students to view a laparoscopic surgery and to interview the cast of the Broadway musical, Rent  (, 2011, pp.2).

Guest speakers: You can save the cost of bringing guest speakers to campus by setting up a virtual Pilot Live room where everyone can meet, no matter their location.

Recording events: You can record and archive any real-time session for future reference by your students or for anyone who couldn’t make the live session. This is great for orientation or welcome sections you may want to reuse every semester.

Adding a Pilot Live room to your course is easy.  Once in your course, select Pilot Live from the Communication drop-down menu as shown here, and follow the prompts.