Remote Teaching Roundup - Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Quizzes & Exams

If you're not sure how to administer a quiz or test now that you're teaching remotely, check out our Basics of Creating a Quiz in Pilot walk-through. If you're concerned about a secure form of proctoring an online exam, download the instructor guide for Lockdown Browser & Monitor (PDF file).

Or if you'd prefer video instruction, check out Chris Roberts' (CTL Instructional Designer) hour-long workshop on Pilot Quiz and Respondus LockDown Browser/Monitor.

Upcoming Webinars on Remote Teaching

Tomorrow, Friday, March 20th, there are two free webinars on remote teaching offered outside of Wright State. If you're available tomorrow at 2pm, we recommend signing up for Moving Classes Online, offered by Yale's Poorvu Center for Teaching & Learning.

Additional Remote Teaching Resources

The Center for Teaching & Learning has been compiling additional webinars, training videos, and resources on our Remote Tips & Tricks page that might be helpful to you on this new journey. If you have any additional resources or videos you've created that you'd like to share, please email your suggestions to and we can make them available on our page. Thanks!