Plagiarism Detection in Pilot Dropbox

Turnitin is completely integrated in Pilot, and checking the plagiarism detection for a Dropbox assignment initiates it.  When you add a Dropbox assignment in Pilot there is a checkbox to initiate the plagiarism detection for that assignment. After that box is checked, you will want to set the Advanced Plagiarism Detection Options at the bottom of the page (if you want students to see the originality report, you will need to select it under the advanced options).

Once the Dropbox assignment is setup, students then submit their assignments as they normally would in Pilot through the Dropbox.  Once a student submits an assignment, the assignment is automatically directed to Turnitin, which then returns a plagiarism report that is posted in the Dropbox in Pilot.  To view this report, click on the title of the Dropbox assignment and then on the colored box that appears to the right of the student’s submission. This will take you to Turnitin’s site where you can view the originality report.

If you want to use GradeMark as well to assess the students writing, you can click on the GradeMark tab once you open the originality report in Turnitin.

The link below provides more detailed information about using the Originality Report.

Originality Report