Pilot Widgets for iTunes U, Atomic Learning, and Tegrity

Three widgets can save your students from having to log in multiple times. One is for iTunes U, the other is for Atomic Learning. With one click, students logged into your course can access iTunes U, Atomic Learning, or Tegrity.

Wright State on iTunes U

You may know iTunes as Apple’s music store. It has a section devoted to content for universities. This includes audio, video and PDF formats. It’s great for Podcasts.

You can access the content on a Windows or Mac computer. But iTunes U is especially great for putting content on smart phones and tablets. For more information on using iTunes U, see iTunes U FAQs.

The iTunes U widget adds a button to your course homepage that, when clicked, will log a student into iTunes U with their Wright State ID so they can access content for your course. They stay logged in until they quit iTunes. So after you have them log into iTunes U, you can have them jump directly to specific content from links you provide in Pilot.

Atomic Learning Video Tutorials

Want to learn how to use Adobe Dreamweaver? Have a student who needs to learn PowerPoint? Atomic Learning offers a wide range of video tutorials. Thanks to CaTS, all Wright State faculty, staff, and students have access to Atomic Learning’s online library.

If you put the Atomic Learning widget on your homepage, students just click a button to log into Atomic Learning. They will stay logged in until they quit their browser. So you can provide links in your course to take student directly to the tutorials you want them to see.

To explore Atomic Learning without adding a widget to your course, you can log in at the CaTS Online Tutorials page.

Tegrity Lecture Capture

CaTS has been quietly rolling out this software to record your lectures, slides and all, and serve those presentations in your Pilot course as searchable videos. Students may access videos on PCs and Macs as well as on iOS and Android mobile devices.

For faculty, the Tegrity widget takes you to everything you need to record and manage your videos. Students see videos you wish to make available and, if you want, can create online presentations of their own with Tegrity.

Learn more about Tegrity.