Importing Components from Your Old Course to Your New Course

It’s easy to reuse content, quizzes, dropbox folders, grade items, discussions and other items from an old course or from a developing course. Use the tool called “Import / Export / Copy Components” to copy components into your new course. You’ll find it under the “Course Admin.”

Login to Pilot and click on the title of the course where you want to import the course materials (e.g., your course for the new term).  On the course homepage, click on the Course Admin link on the navigation bar.  When the Course Admin page appears, select the “Import/Export/Copy Components” link under the Site Resources heading.

On the Import/Export/Copy Components page, accept the default of “Copy Components from another Org Unit” and click on the “Search for Offering” tab.

On the next screen, click on the magnifying glass icon for the search (leave the search field blank) and this will display a list of your courses in Pilot. Select from the list the course that you want to import the materials from and click “Add Selected” at the bottom of the screen.  Once the course is selected, you will return to the initial screen and you can select at the bottom either to “Copy All Components” or “Select Components” (If you choose to “Select Components,”  a list of the components that can be imported from the course will appear.  Select the items you want to import and click “Continue.”)

Once the copy process is completed, you can check the course to see the imported materials or you can import additional materials from another course.