Email Your Class Through Pilot

Email messages can be initiated from within Pilot. The advantage to doing this is that your students’ email addresses are automatically inserted into the message that you are composing. One warning: your class has to be active in order to use the email tool.

To compose an email, first open the Classlist tool.

Make sure that the “Results per page” number is higher than the number of students in your class. You should be able to view all of your students’ names on one page.


If your class has sections, and you only want to email one section of the class, change the “View by” menu to Sections and click on Apply. You will be able to choose which section, or all users, to email.



If you are emailing most or all of the class/section, check the box at the top of the roster to select all rows. If you want to omit anyone, just “unclick” the box beside their name(s). Click on the Email icon.


You can choose to just select the box(es) beside the name(s) of students that you want to email. You can send an email to yourself, but you don’t have to. Any emails that you send from within Pilot are kept in the Sent Mail folder.

The selected students email addresses will appear in the Bcc: line in the email. You don’t have to put anything in the To: line. When the students receive the email, they will only see their own name.

Compose your email in the HTML editor. You can attach files to the email, or you can use the audio recorder provided to record an audio file.


When you are finished composing the email, click on Send. The email will go to the email address that is on file, in Pilot, for each individual (usually their address). Any further correspondence will occur in the WSU email application (i.e. if your student replies to your email, you will receive the reply at your address).