Easy Embed: Prezi Presentations Using Insert Stuff

You’ve probably seen Prezi, the dynamic presentation application that adds a bit more flair to classroom presentations than PowerPoint. Prezi is a fun way to make classroom lectures more engaging since it offers an easy interface in which to build animated paths that create a compelling visual for your students.

But did you know that using Pilot’s HTML editor, it’s easy to embed your Prezi presentations on your Pilot course site? That’s right. Now you can add the zip of Prezi to your online presentations too.

To embed your Prezi presentation on your Pilot course site:

  1. From any Prezi presentation, click the Embed button. The Embed Prezi dialog box appears.
  2. Click the Copy Code to Clipboard button.
  3. Now, go to your Pilot course site. Go to the Content area where you want students to see the Prezi file. For example, you could create a new module in the Content area by clicking the Content link from the top menu bar and typing a module name in the Add a module… field.
  4. Click the new module and, from the New drop-down menu, select New Document. This launches the Create a Document window and gives you access to the HTML Editor.
  5. Click the Insert Stuff insert-stuff.jpg icon. The Insert Stuff dialog box appears.
  6. Select Enter Embed Code from the left menu.
  7. Paste the copied code in the Embed Code box provided.
  8. Click Next. You’ll see a preview of your embedded presentation.

Note: You may get a Blocked Content message. If so, click the Allow button provided.

Your students can now view your Prezi presentations for an engaging learning experience fully online!