CTL welcomes our new Faculty Advisory Board members

With the new year, the Faculty Advisory Board is so very pleased to welcome the following faculty who are joining us this year:

  • Sabrina Neeley (BSOM)
  • Vanessa Starkey (CECS)
  • Dan Noel (CEHS)
  • Megan Faragher (Lake)
  • Ann Stalter (CONH)
  • Beth Hurt (SOPP)

We look forward to their insight and assistance in reaching out to the faculty and maintaining a high quality of service in support of the university's academic mission. Welcome to the Tribe!

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to the exemplary Faculty Advisory Board members who have served their term(s) with expertise and enthusiasm. Your assistance has been much appreciated and we wish you the best. Thank you:

  • Ann Bowling (CONH)
  • Joe Cavanaugh (Lake)
  • Wendy Dragon (SOPP)
  • Nimisha Patel (CEHS)
  • Cristina Renko (BSOM)
  • Hong Huang (CECS)

We look forward to your continued feedback, support and engagement.