Creating a Dropbox in Pilot

The Dropbox tool enables your students to submit assignments in Pilot, eliminating the need for them to email their work to you. When creating the Dropbox, you have the option of enabling the plagiarism-detection tool, TurnItIn.

To create a Dropbox, open your course and click on Assessment in the navigation bar. Choose Dropbox from the menu.


Click on New Folder.


Name the Dropbox. If you want to use the plagiarism-detection tool (TurnItIn), check the box that says Enable for this folder under “OriginalityCheck”.


If the Dropbox is for submissions from individual students, click on the button beside Individual submission folder. If it is for submissions from a group, click on the Group submission folder button and select the group from which submissions will be accepted from the dropdown menu.


To associate the Dropbox with an item in your Gradebook, click on the dropdown menu under Grade Item and select the appropriate item. Note that the item will only appear if you have previously created the grade item. If you have not, click on New Grade Item to create an item (column) in your gradebook. Enter the point value for the assignment.


Under Submission Options, select whether the Dropbox will accept only one submission or unlimited submissions and choose which submissions will be kept.


Save your changes.