Adding and Impersonating the Demo Student

Pilot Tip of the Week

You are able to experience your Pilot course from the students’ perspective by using the demo student. Previously, the demo student was added to your class list when the Pilot course shell was created. Now you have the option to add or remove the demo from your own course. 

To add a demo student:

Click on Demo User, which is found in the top navigation bar. Select Create Demo Account from the context menu.

You will see the demo student at the bottom of your class list.

To impersonate the demo student:

Click on  Classlist.

Find the Demo Student. Click on the arrow to the right of the name and select Impersonate from the menu that  appears.


Confirm that you want to impersonate the demo.

The Demo’s name will appear in the box where your name was. You can, now, view the course as your students will see it, including taking quizzes and viewing the gradebook. When you are finished, click on the “x” beneath the Demo Student’s name and your session will be restored