Submitting Final Grades from Pilot to Banner

STEP 1: Converting to a Letter Grade Scheme

In order to submit your Final Grades through Pilot, the final percentage scores in your Gradebook have to be converted to letter grades.

The default Grade Scheme (named “Organizational Letter Grade Scheme”) is set up as follows:

  • 0% – 59% = F
  • 60% – 69% = D
  • 70% – 79% = C
  • 80% – 89% = B
  • 90% – 100% = A

If you use different values in your course, click on Schemes and select New Scheme to create your own.

To convert your percentage grades to letter grades, click on Grades, then Manage Grades. Click on the downward arrow beside Final Adjusted Grade and select Edit Grade Item from the dropdown menu.

Edit Final Adjusted Grade

Under the Grade Scheme heading, click on the downward arrow and select Organizational Letter Grade from the list. Save the change at the bottom of the page.

Organizational Letter Grade

STEP 2: Setting Final Adjusted Grades

Click on Grades on the Navigation bar and then on Settings, found in the upper, right corner of the screen.

Grade Settings

On the Grade Settings page, click on the Calculation Options.

Calculation Options

Under the Final Grade Released section, Select Adjusted Final Grade.

Final Grade Released

Click Save.

Save As

STEP 3: Calculating Final Grades

Open the Enter Grades view.

Enter Grades

In the Final Adjusted Grade column, click on the down arrow and select Grade All.

Grade All

Click on the down arrow beside Final Grades and select Recalculate All.

Recalculate All

In the popup window, select grade items to include in the calculation. Click on Calculate at the bottom of the page and confirm in the popup window.




STEP 4: Adjusting Final Grades

This is where you can make any adjustments to the final grades. Simply change the grades in the boxes and click on Save at the bottom of the page. DO NOT recalculate the grades. If you recalculate them, they will revert back to the numbers before you made adjustments.

STEP 5: Releasing Final Adjusted Grades

In the Manage Grades view, Click on the down arrow to the right of  “Final Adjusted Grade”.  Select Enter Grades from the menu.

Enter Grades

On the Final Grades page, click on the down arrow beside the page’s title and choose Release All from the menu.

Release All

A Confirmation window will pop up. Click on Yes to release the grades.

Confirm Release

Open the Enter Grades view. In the Final Adjusted Grade column, an icon next to each grade indicates that the grade has been released.


STEP 6: Exporting Grades to Banner

The final step is to Export the grades to Banner. From the “Enter Grades” view, in your Gradebook, click on Export Gradesto Banner.

A list of your students with their Adjusted Final Grades will be displayed. Check over the grades. If you need to make any changes, click on the pencil icon under the Override Grade column and make the changes. Click on Apply.

Click on Export All Grades in the bottom, left corner of the page to submit the grades to Banner.

A progress bar will appear. When the grades are finished processing, you will see a message box that will tell you if the grades were submitted successfully. Do not worry if the message says that one of the students’ grades was not submitted successfully; that will be your Demo student.

Export Grades to

If you don't see the Export Gradesto Banner button, you may not be the faculty of record in Banner. Only the faculty of record can submit grades through Pilot.

If you have any problems with submitting grades, call the CTL at 775-3245 or 775-2885 and we will assist you.