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To log into online courses please visit the Wright State University's Pilot Website. Click Here to go to the pilot logon screen. View the Pilot User Guide here

Need A Transcript?

You can find all the information you need about trasnscript by following this link.

Need to pay your bill or obtain your grades?

Effective June 2006, Wright State University has adopted a new information management system that encompasses student records, student fees, financial aid, and many other systems necessary for the University to function. As a result of these changes we have adopted new procedures for paying your fee bill and accessing your grades; the Center has put together a set of directions for each.

As part of this process you will be sent a letter from the Center for Economic Education. The letter contains two very important usernames and corresponding passwords that you will need to pay your bill, obtain your grades, and login to WebCT (if you are a online student). If you register before the start of the quarter, you should receive your letter by the first week of class. If you register after the beginning of the quarter, it will take approximately 3-5 business days to receive your letter. In the letter you are encouraged to check your Wright State University email account often and to obtain a picture ID, however it is not required and will be left to your discretion.

Changes With New System:

Tuition can no longer be paid via telephone - it must be done online or in person.
Tuition bills and grades will not be sent in the mail - both will be accessible online.


Paying Your Bill

Obtaining Your Grades