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Ohio Stock Market Challenge - The OFFICIAL stock market simulation for the State of Ohio

Fall 2015 Play Dates: October 5, 2015 - December 11, 2015

Welcome to the Ohio Stock Market Challenge!

We are delighted you recognize the value of the program as a powerful experiential learning tool. The OSMC is a great way for students to be exposed to the stock market, without the fear of losing real money! We encourage you and your students to research stocks that interest you and attempt to build the best performing portfolio. There are a number of lessons, activities and linked resources designed to help with the process. Then sit back and watch the market in action! In addition to being a great team building activity, the OSMC is a resource that reinforces concepts and build skills within Mathematics, Social Studies, Economics, Language Arts, Business Education and Technology curricula. And it's fun!

How does the Challenge work?

Students in grades 4 through 12 form teams to create and manage a hypothetical portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds over a ten-week period. Each team has $100,000.00 in "imaginary funds" to invest in stocks, bonds and mutual funds listed on the major stock exchanges. Using state-of-the-art software provided by the Stock-Trak Group you'll research stocks, obtain quotes, look up ticker symbols, submit trades, and review your team's ranking. Stocks are traded via personal computer by simply typing in the ticker symbol and the transaction (buy, sell, short-cover, or short-sell). Trades are filled in real-time using the latest available bid/ask prices from the market-not delayed or end-of-day pricing like other simulations use. In addition, the platform provides players a real-time glimpse into the performance of the top players through a streaming leader board component. Your students will be drawn into the action by seeing how the top players are doing on a position-by-position basis that is refreshed every few seconds. Picture the trading floor of the NYSE - but with a little less noise!


Prize money is awarded to the Top 3 teams for both the elementary/middle and high school divisions. Please note – the rankings posted on the OSMC website are "unofficial" until an audit has confirmed each top team's portfolio holdings. Checks will be made payable to the school.

Registration and Pricing:

The cost to play is $15 per team of 3-5 students. Please enroll only the number of teams needed as you will be invoiced for the number of teams you enroll. To access the registration form and register your teams, visit the OSMC Website and follow these steps: Registration opens September 15.

1. Click on the red "Registration" link on the left side of the home page

2. Complete the fields as requested. Be sure to note if you will paying for your teams with a Purchase Order, include the number

3. After you have reviewed the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, click the "Create My Account" button Log-in information will be e-mailed directly to you

4. After you have registered, if you need to add teams, log in as the teacher, go to Rankings, click on the class tab & add the number of additional teams in the box provided on the page and hit submit. It will add teams to your original registration.

Be sure to visit the Teacher Resources links. You'll see great information on how to manage the program in your classroom and maximize its effectiveness as a teaching tool.

You may also contact The Center for Economic Education, Wright State University at (937) 775-2322 for further information.