Below you'll find the RAIDERVision Channel Guide. You can find a schedule for many of the channels by clicking on links under the Call Sign column.

Call Sign
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Service Name
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Signal Type
2.1 WDTN-HD NBC Digital
2.2 WDTN-SD NBC Digital
3 WSU WSU Analog Service Channel Analog
4 WSU WSU Analog Service Channel Analog
6 LINK Link TV Analog
7 WHIO CBS Analog
7.1 WHIO-HD CBS Digital
7.2 WHIO-SD CBS Digital
8 WRGT FOX Analog
9 WDTN NBC Analog
11 WKEF ABC Analog
16 ThinkTV16 PBS Analog
16.1 16HD PBS Digital
16.2 16Again PBS Digital
16.3 16Life PBS Digital
16.4 16Ohio PBS Digital
16.5 16DT PBS Digital
17 mtvU mtvU Analog
21 WSU WSU Educational Access Channel Analog
22.1 WKEF-DT ABC Digital
23.1 HHS Health and Human Services Television Digital
23.2 FEC/PAEC FEC/PAEC (Florida Department of Education) Digital
23.3 NAU/UH Northern Arizona University/University House Digital
23.4 UCTV University of California Television Digital
24.1 WSU WSU Educational Access Channel Digital
24.2 GREEN Planet Green Digital
24.3 MILT Military Channel Digital
24.4 CNBCW CNBC World Digital
25.1 TWC The Weather Channel Digital
25.2 LINK Link TV Digital
25.3 FSTV Free Speech TV Digital
25.4 COLOURS CoLours TV Digital
26.1 WBDT-HD The CW Television Network Digital
26.2 WBDT-SD The CW Television Network Digital
27.1 WSU WSU Video Bulletin Board Digital
27.2 CEHS WSU College of Education & Human Services Video Bulletin Board Digital
27.3 CECS WSU College of Engineering & Computer Science Video Bulletin Board Digital
29.1 WSU WSU Digital Service Channel Digital
29.2 WSU WSU Digital Service Channel Digital
31.1 DSC The Discovery Channel Digital
31.2 OWN Oprah Winfrey Network Digital
31.3 TLC The Learning Channel Digital
31.4 SCI The Science Channel Digital
32.1 HIS The History Channel Digital
32.2 HIS-I History International Digital
32.3 BIO The Biography Channel Digital
32.4 NATGEO The National Geographic Channel Digital
33.1 UNVS Univision (Spanish) Digital
33.2 GALA Galavision (Spanish) Digital
33.3 TELF TeleFutura (Spanish) Digital
33.4 HITN Hispanic Information & Telecommunications Network (Spanish) Digital
34 CECS WSU College of Engineering and Computer Science Video Bulletin Board Analog
35.1 TV5 TV5 Monde (French) Digital
35.2 KBS KBS World(Korean) Digital
36.1 BBCA BBC America (British) Digital
37 CEHS WSU College of Education & Human Services Video Bulletin Board Analog
42.1 ARTS Classic Arts Showcase Digital
42.2 IFC Independent Film Channel Digital
42.3 DOC Documentary Channel Digital
42.4 DW Deustche Welle (German, English, Spanish, and Arabic) Digital
45.1 WRGT-DT FOX Digital
45.2 WRGT-DT MyNetworkTV Digital
45.3 mtvU mtvU Digital
46.1 CSPAN C-SPAN Digital
46.2 CSPAN2 C-SPAN 2 Digital
50.1 PENT The Pentagon Channel Digital
50.2 NASA NASA-TV Digital
52.1 ALQURAN Al Quran Al Kareem TV Digital
52.2 ALSUNNAH Al Sunnah Al Nabawiyah TV Digital
52.3 ALJAZ Al Jazeera English Digital
52.4 TASVIR Tasvir e Iran Digital
52.5 ETV 2 ETV 2 (Ethiopia) Digital
52.6 RT Russia Today (English) Digital
52.7 KurdStat KurdStat Digital
52.8 RT Rodnoy Telekanal Digital
52.9 ThaiTV Thai TV Global Network Digital
52.10 MRTV3 TRT Turk Digital
52.11 VTV4 VTV 4 Digital
53.1 CCTV4 CCTV 4 Digital
53.2 CCTVN CCTV News Digital
53.3 CCTVF CCTV French Digital
53.4 CCTVE CCTV Espanol Digital
53.5 USARMENIA US Armenia Digital
53.6 LTV LTV World Digital
53.7 KSA2 KSA 2 Digital
53.8 Cancao TV Cancao Nova International Digital
53.9 Tele Telespace Digital
53.10 DMC Dhamma Media Channel Digital
56.1 IRIB2 Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting Digital
56.2 ALALAM Alalam News Channel (Farsi) Digital
56.3 NTDTV New Tang Dynasty Television (Mandarin, Cantonese, and English) Digital
56.4 TAPESH Tapesh TV Digital
56.5 VATAN Vatan Television Digital
56.6 IRINN Islamic Republic of Iran News Network (Farsi) Digital
56.7 SYRIA Syria Satellite Channel (Syrian/Arabic) Digital
56.8 SUDANTV Sudan Satellite Channel Digital
56.9 SAUDITV1 Saudi Arabian Television 1 Digital
56.10 ALIRAQIYA Al-Iraqiya Television Digital
56.11 ABUDHABI Abu Dhabi Sports 1 Digital
56.12 QATAR Qatar Television Digital


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