CaTS operates and maintains the WSU Campus TV System, which consists of two separate, yet intertwined entities: RAIDERVision and the WSU Educational Access Channel.



RAIDERVision is a campus TV system that connects nearly every academic and administrative building on campus with a closed-circuit RF cable television network. It delivers educational, informational, public service, and international programming to WSU classrooms, meeting rooms, lounges, and auditoriums. RAIDERVision is NOT available in the residence halls.

RAIDERVision's Digital Transition

The current transition to digital television has also impacted the RAIDERVision Campus TV system. To stay current with digital television technology and provide the best possible service to the Wright State campus, CaTS found it necessary to upgrade the RAIDERVision Campus TV system in order to comply with the digital transition in June 2009. The upgrade also enabled CaTS to expand and enhance the RAIDERVision programming lineup to include new and exciting programming choices.

You may notice that some channels appear twice on the RAIDERVision programming lineup. This is because the RAIDERVision Campus TV system is a hybrid of both analog (old technology) and digital channels (new technology). Some channels are duplicated—one as an analog channel and the other as a digital channel. You must have an analog tuner to view the analog channels AND you must have a digital tuner to view the digital channels.

RAIDERVision-Ready Electronic Classrooms and Labs

RAIDERVision is currently available for viewing in most electronic classrooms and labs with additional rooms being added regularly as upgrades to the campus TV system are completed.

Digital Ready Rooms

The following classrooms and labs have an installed television tuner that will display BOTH analog AND digital television signals. These classrooms can receive the complete RAIDERVision channel lineup. Go to the RAIDERVision Viewing Instructions (PDF) page to learn how to view RAIDERVision programming.

Analog Ready Rooms

The following classrooms and labs have an installed television tuner that will display the analog-ONLY RAIDERVision channels. Go to the RAIDERVision Analog-only Viewing Instructions page to learn how to view RAIDERVision analog programming.


Wright State Educational Access Cable Channels 24.1 (digital) and 21 (analog)

Wright State University’s Educational Access Channel is available on both the RAIDERVision and Time Warner (Fairborn) systems. The channel includes French, German and Spanish-language programming in addition to English programs. Click here for the Daily Program Schedule.

WSU's cable programming includes:

We appreciate your thoughts on our programming. For more information regarding RAIDERVision or the WSU Educational Access Channel, please contact Andy Montesano at (937) 775-2802.


WSU Bulletin Board

If you would like to post your WSU-related announcement on the Access Channel Bulletin Board (and also have it viewable online), fill out and send in a Bulletin Board Announcement Form (PDF).



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