This page list vendors that are available for your departmental purchases. Please note that this page contains information about products and companies not specifically supported or recommended by CaTS. A listing here is for informational purposes only and does not imply or impart a recommendation or endorsement.


5 O'Clock Computers  |   Apple  |   CDW-G  |   Dalco  |   Dell  |   GlobalGovEd (Tiger Direct)  |   HP  |   Lenovo  |   Macintosh  |   Pomeroy  |   SHI  


5 O'Clock Computers

Banner ID: U00001039
Local parts and accessories store.

Phone: 426-0350



Banner ID: U00001148
Apple Macintosh, iMac, MacBook, iPod, etc.

Inside Sales Rep: Randy Wright
Phone: (512) 674-6849
Online Store:

Mac OS X Upgrades: For university-owned Macs, request upgrades through the CaTS Help Desk. For personally-owned Macs, upgrades are available through the Student & Employee Licensing service.


CDW-G Government

Banner ID: U00001964
Mail order and online hardware and software vendor.

Sales Rep: Ronak Shah
Phone: 866.443.7987


Dalco Electronics

Banner ID: U00002375
Local parts and accessories company.

425 Pioneer Blvd
Springboro, OH 45066




Banner ID: U00002489

Inside Sales Rep: Central Team
Phone: 512.513.9357
Direct Fax: 512.283.7665
Order Processing Fax: 800.365.5329
Dell Customer Number: 100075

Student/Employee Sales Rep: John Hill
Phone: 512.728.0150
Online Store: Dell Education Online Store


GlobalGovEd (Tiger Direct)

GlobalGovEd is the government and education arm of Tiger Direct. Any orders can be handled by:
Sales Rep: Jack Gephart
Phone: 866.310.0116



Banner ID: U00345745

Sales Rep: Cameron Clancy
Phone: 919.294.2871
Web Store:


Pomeroy (HP)

Banner ID: U00006248
CaTS recommended supplier of HP printers, desktops, and laptops.

Inside Sales Rep: Eric Garrett
Phone: 439.9682 x5101
Pomeroy/HP Store for WSU: Use ordering services available through WrightBuy



Inside Sales Rep: Maryann Rutigliano
Phone: 732.564.8331



3640 Colonel Glenn Highway - Dayton, Ohio - 45435