Computing Resources for WSU Faculty & Staff

Welcome to the CaTS Faculty/Staff Zone! On this website you'll find links to the CaTS services that are most often used by university faculty and staff. Learn about our classroom technology services, where computer labs are located, how to use the campus wireless connection, and much more. Use the tabs below to see our services, hardware and software information, and support information. If you have a question about this page, please contact the Help Desk.


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Check out the links below to find more information on the services we offer to faculty and staff.

  • Anti-spam Service
    Learn about Wright State University's email spam filter service and how to manage spam for your email account.
  • AnyConnect VPN Software
    Request access to the AnyConnect VPN (Virtual Private Network) software, which allows you to access your network files remotely.
  • Classroom Equipment Preferences Form
    Use this form to add or update equipment preferences for your classroom. Login required.
  • Computing Labs
    Learn where you can find computer labs on campus and read our policies concerning the use of these labs.
  • Electronic Classrooms
    Learn where you can find electronic classrooms on campus, which integrate multimedia and audio-visual technologies to enhance classroom learning.
  • Email Documentation
    Read about the use of your email account, learn how to setup your iPhone to access your WSU email, and much more.
  • Equipment Delivery
    Learn how to get media equipment delivered to your Registrar-scheduled classroom.
  • Guest Account Request Form
    Request a limited guest account with computer login privileges. Login required.
  • Phone & Voicemail
    Learn how to use your campus phone and setup access to your voicemail.
  • Statistical Software Documentation
    Find documentation for the following statisical software: SAS, SPSS, and Stata.
  • Scanning
    Read more about our test and evaluation scanning service.
  • Tk20 Data Management System
    Login to Tk20 and find helpful tips and training tools to aid you in the use of the system.
  • WINGS (Wright Information, News, and Group Services)
    Visit WINGS, the university web portal that gives you quick access to your email, calendar, campus news, WINGS Express, and more.
  • Wireless Connect
    Learn how to connect to and use the university's wireless network.
  • WSU Accounts
    This page discusses your two university accounts (campus username and University ID, or UID), and how to use those accounts to access your information.
  • WSU Faculty/Staff Listserv
    Sign up for the university's email lists using your campus username and password.

As a faculty or staff member, you're entitled to free or reduced-cost software and discounts on computer hardware. Read more about them by following these links.

  • ConnectWright (Free Software)
    Visit this page to download free software such as spyware and virus scanners, web browsers, media players and more. Login required.
  • Hardware Discounts
    Learn more about the computer hardware discounts available to you as a faculty or staff member.
  • Home Software Store
    Get information on software from Microsoft, Adobe and others available for faculty and staff to purchase at discounted rates.
  • University Hardware Purchases
    Find information and pricing on hardware purchases for your department, along with warranty and repair information.
  • University Software Licensing
    Find information and pricing on software purchases for your university-owned computer.

Need help? Check out the support information links below to find it.



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