Screen shot of on-campus student employment job postings in The Wright Search.There are two types of posting procedures:

  1. Creating a new position for posting.
  2. Posting for a job that has already been classified and assigned a wage.

You must complete the job posting procedure before offering the job to a student.

Review instructions and find forms for job posting procedures:

Create a brand new job

Screen shot of Position Description Form.

  1. Complete the Position Description Form.
  2. Select the appropriate Job Class and Pay Rate according to to the Student Employment Wage Classification System.

Post an opening for an existing job

Have an account in the Wright Search:

  1. To post a job: After logging into the Wright Search, go to the Jobs tab at the top of the page. You will be able to view your previous job postings (Job List) or create a new job posting (New Job).
  2. Under Job List, if your job is still active, you will be able to edit it. If your job is inactive, you will not be able to edit the posting. However, you can copy your previous information and paste it in a New Job form.
  3. After you complete your Job Posting and select Save, a notice will be sent to Student Employment for approval. Student Employment will approve your job if all information is accurate, if we find errors (e.g. wrong pay rate) we will correct them or contact you.

Posting Tips:

  • Position Type should be SE on campus regular, SE on campus work study, or both.
  • Compensation Range: use the hourly rate.
  • Add the Student Employment Application link under Application Instructions, if you require the standard Student Employment Application of your job candidates:
  • Expiration Date: the job must be posted/active for a minimum of 5 days and no more than 3 months.

Do not have an account in the Wright Search:

  1. Start at the Career Services website:
  2. Select The Wright Search Employers button (be sure to allow pop ups or the website will not work correctly)
  3. Select the Forgot Your Password? link
  4. Enter your WSU e-mail address then select Reset Password
  5. The system will generate a password and e-mail it to you, but you will have the option to change it in the Wright Search under My Profile
  6. If this does not work, please call Kim Gilliam at 775-2556 or email
  7. Then, follow the Have an account instructions