Student Employment Announces an Updated Job Classification Structure

Effective August 2, 2014, Student Employment, in consultation with Human Resources and University Administration, will implement an updated Student Employment classification structure. On-campus supervisors will no longer need to send position description forms to Student Employment and wait for a classification and pay rate to be assigned. For each new position, supervisors will complete a position description form and use the criteria in the classification structure to determine an appropriate job class and pay rate.

Rationale for the Change

The classification and pay structure allows hiring departments to create positions at appropriate levels and pay rates.

If you have questions, please contact me at or x3184.

Job Classification Structure

The University has established a pay structure for student employees as of 08/2/2014:

BASIC LEVEL Basic Student Worker 1 $8.10-$10.00
Selection Criteria:
Minimal (if any) prior knowledge or training required
Training provided
Routine responsibilities
Follow well-defined policies and procedures
May have access to confidential information
Independent judgment is limitedClose and direct supervision
Intermediate Level Intermediate Student Worker 2 $10.01-$14.00
Selection Criteria:
Prior relevant course and/or work experience required
Assignments require special knowledge or skills
Technical or research skills may be required
May have supervision responsibilities on a limited scope
May have access to confidential information
Some independent judgment
Moderate supervision provided
May required a significant amount of physical exertion, adverse hours, or working conditions
Advanced Level Advanced Student Worker 3 $14.01-$20.00
Selection Criteria:

Requires specific and unique competitive job market skills
Completion of specific relevant courses and/or work experience required
Assignments require advanced knowledge, skills or abilities
Demonstrated ability to perform the job duties
May serve as a leader or trainer to student staff
May have access to confidential information
Independent judgment and decision-making; makes formal recommendations
Limited supervision provided; seeks guidance as necessary
Extensive problem solving skills
Highly Specialized Level Highly Specialized Student Worker 4 $20.01+
Selection Criteria:

Reserved for highly specialized, technical, or scientific positions
Graduate student with earned Bachelor degree or 3rd or 4th year undergraduate student with significant equivalent experience with substantially relevant skills required
Completion of specific relevant courses and/or work experience required
Demonstrated ability to perform the job duties
May supervise projects and/or other student staff
Independent judgment; makes formal recommendations; uses high level decision-making
Performs complex data analysis and decision-making in design, experimentation, and construction
High levels of confidentiality
Interpretation of complex policies and procedures
Advanced written and oral communication skills
Supervision provided as needed
How to Determine a Specific Pay Rate

In addition to the job class criteria above, supervisors determining specific pay rates within a class may consider:
History of work experience in the department
Number of courses completed that relate to the position
Prior related experience
Range and complexity of responsibilities/duties
Specific knowledge and skill requirements



How does this impact current student employees?

Student Employment will update the job class field in Banner for all student employees. This will take time, so you may not see the new class right away. However, this is not a problem in getting the student paid correctly. Existing pay rates will be maintained.

What if I want to change the pay rate for one or more of my positions?

You are responsible for determining a fair and equitable salary for all your positions by following the updated classification structure. After reviewing the structure, if you want to make a change, keep detailed and accurate documentation of why and how you determined the new pay rate (for auditing purposes). Then, the next time you advertise the position, list the new pay rate.

If you want to change the pay rate of a current employee, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

  • Student initials
  • Student UID
  • Old pay rate
  • New pay rate
  • Effective date – no earlier than the beginning of the next pay period or the beginning of any future pay period

How does this impact active job postings?

There is no impact to current job postings. The pay rate advertised will remain the same.

What if I don’t like the new job titles?

The job titles listed on the structure are categorical, so you may use additional “working” job titles that you need for departmental purposes. You must use the same job title on the job posting and on the Student Employment Authorization form (upon hire). This is critical for you to demonstrate to internal and external auditors that you followed EEOC job posting regulations.

What records do I need to keep for auditing purposes?

Student Employment will keep the Position Description form on our website for your use. It is best practice to use this form when creating new positions in order to maintain consistency and accurate documentation for auditing purposes.

Do I need to send the Position Description form to Career Services when I create new positions?

No, each hiring department will maintain their own position description documentation.