Photo of students in professional suits.

Make a good first impression by dressing appropriately.

Based on feedback from employers, we recommend conservative business attire for interviewing and career fairs.

You are demonstrating that you are ready for and want to work in a professional environment.

General Tips

A conservative appearance is most acceptable.

Wear a dark suit of two components that were bought together as a suit.

Recruiters suggest no visible body piercings, including pierced tongues. A single pair of small earnings for women is appropriate. Men are advised against wearing earrings.

Minimize jewelry. A wedding ring or class ring is acceptable for men and women.

Tattoos should not be visible.

Hair should be clean and neat.

Backpacks and other bags detract from your professional appearance. A leather portfolio and/or briefcase for note taking is acceptable.

Any overcoat should be business professional.

You should be in business professional for your interview, even if the interview is business casual. Business casual standards vary greatly from company to company.

Tips Specifically for Men

A dark colored suit is most professional looking.

Wear a white or light colored, pressed dress shirt with a conservative tie.

Sock color should match suit and should be long enough to cover your leg when seated.

Wear clean, polished dress shoes that cover the foot.

Facial hair should be neatly trimmed.

Avoid cologne.

Tips Specifically for Women

A conservative pant or skirt suit is most professional: knee length skirt, plain stockings, conservative, polished pumps or low heels that cover foot.

Wear a crew neck or buttoned-up blouse, avoiding low necklines.

The hem of the shirt should not show below the jacket hem.

Jewelry: conservative necklace, earrings, and rings.

Avoid perfume.