dollar-sign.gifSalary research is conducted

  • during career exploration, to develop realistic expectations about compensation
  • before and during a job search, to benchmark for fair and equitable wages and salary negotiation
  • in anticipation of promotion and salary renegotiation

Cost of living research contributes to determination of fair and equitable wages. This research is conducted

  • to determine variations in living expenses from one region to another, when considering relocation for a job
  • to help determine a realistic budget (the tool against which you evaluate whether a job offers a minimum acceptable salary)

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Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops for Women

wageprojectvideo-youtube.gifOver the course of her working lifetime, a woman in the United States will earn $1 million less than an equally qualified man.

This might be you, it might be your friend, your mother, your sister, or your daughter.

Help end the unfair wage gap.

Career Services, in partnership with the Wright State University Women's Center and the Division of Student Affairs, offers Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops for Women, to teach women students how to negotiate for a fair and equitable wage.

Start Smart Program on Salary Negotiation for Women »