2012-photo-student-holding-business-card.jpgSometimes it is neither convenient nor appropriate to hand a résumé to a contact.

Some situations when sharing a business card would be more appropriate than presenting a résumé:

  • Mix and mingle events
  • Professional association meetings
  • Professional development workshops
  • A chance meeting of a potential network contact

Carry your cards in a business card case, for a professional look and to protect the cards from damage while you carry them in your pocket or purse.

Shop for a business card case that has a second pocket for storing cards that are given to you.

Share your business cards with potential network contacts and potential employers.

When a contact gives you their business card, it is an opportunity to offer yours in return.

When a contact hands you their business card, accept it and review it to show respect for the contact. It is impolite to accept a card and store it without giving it attention.

At Wright State, you can order business cards printed at the Wright Copy Center, 181 Student Union, (937) 775-5784.

Want to Know More?

Review a sample business card format created by Career Services staff. These samples download in portable document format, readable using Adobe® Acrobat Reader®.

Download a free copy of Adobe® Acrobat Reader®

Career Services Student Business Card Sample (PDF)