February 20, 2014, Student Union Apollo Room, Wright State University.

Digital Mixer

This event is open to regional college and university students pursuing majors related to information technology.

Sponsored by Raj Soin College of Business, Sinclair Community College, Technology First, and University of Dayton.

This networking event brings together students, faculty, and information technology professionals. The event is an opportunity for Greater Dayton's future information technology workforce to connect with regional information technology employers.


Talk to employers about co-op, internship, and career employment opportunities during this event. Seek opportunities for job shadowing and mentoring. Gain information about industry trends and expectations.

Register in advance for Digital Mixer

Prepare for Digital Mixer

A good impression is not made by chance. Use the tips on this page to deliberately plan and prepare for success.

What to Expect, What to Do
  • This event will not be in a business-casual, reception-style networking event. Employers will not have individual booth space, although there will be table space for the representatives to display company literature
  • The Digital Mixer will be a networking reception. The format involves mixing, mingling, and discussing employment opportunities
  • Employers may come to advertise current or anticipated job openings, or simply come to network and socialize
  • Collect business cards from the employers you meet to make it easier to follow-up. Bring business cards and résumés to exchange
  • Register by the posted deadline date to receive the benefits of advance registration
  • Review the list of participating organizations available in on this page in January. Prior to the event, research the organizations that interest you
  • You are encouraged to bring résumé and business cards to exchange with employers
  • Each employer you speak to will want a copy of your résumé. Prepare copies of polished, professional résumés to distribute to every representative with whom you speak, plus one for admission to the event, and a few extras
  • Gather your résumés and a notepad in a professional portfolio. Include a pen to take notes. Plan to secure briefcases, backpacks, overcoats, or other cumbersome, personal items in the room reserved for this purpose
  • Prepare a 20 second summary to use when introducing yourself to employers
  • If you are seeking information only, first research your particular field of interest, prior to the event, and compose a list of relevant and specific questions. Research the organizations with whom you plan to speak. Investigating companies and the job market in this way is called informational interviewing. It is essential to convey a professional image and be prepared when you are informational interviewing

Learn to create a business card

Learn to create a professional résumé

Wear business casual attire

What does business casual mean?

All candidates should wear minimal jewelry: a wedding ring or class ring for men is acceptable, similar rings are acceptable for women. No visible tattoos or body piercing; this includes pierced tongues. The exception is a single pair of small earrings for women. Keep your choices simple and conservative. Avoid extremes of style and color.

Wear leather shoes that are comfortable to walk in. Do not wear sandals, athletic shoes or hiking boots.

Specifics for Men
  • Men can wear khaki pants or nice slacks. Pants should be creased and tailored
  • Ties are not generally required for a business casual event, but you can wear a tie if you choose. It never hurts to slightly overdress. By dressing nicely, you make a good first impression and portray a professional image
  • Long-sleeved shirts are considered dressier than short-sleeved. Choosing a white or light blue solid, or conservative stripes is your safest bet. Polo shirts, (tucked in), are acceptable in more casual situations
  • Do wear dark socks, mid-calf length so no skin is visible when you sit down
  • Facial hair, if any, should be well groomed
Specifics for Women
  • Women can wear casual pants or skirts; neither should be tight. Pants should be creased and tailored
  • Avoid short skirts and high slits. Before choosing a skirt to wear, sit down in it facing a mirror. Be critical and ask yourself if the image is a person who looks appropriate in a business environment
  • In addition to tailored shirts or blouses, tailored knit sweaters and sweater sets are appropriate business casual choices for women
  • Avoid extremes of nail length and polish color, especially in conservative industries
  • A tailored purse is best and one that hangs on your shoulder is often advantageous as it frees your hands for greetings (hand shakes) or holding a beverage

On the day of the event

On the Day of the Event
  • All students sign in at the student registration table on the day of the event.
  • Parking for visiting students is available in Lot 4; non-Wright State students will be emailed a parking pass.
  • Walk-in registration will be available at the student registration table on the day of the event.
  • Review the updated information available at the student registration table, on the day of the event. There are sometimes last minute changes (including additional companies) which are only available at the registration table
  • Refine your action plan. Prioritize your interest in the organizations and proceed in that order
  • As you meet with representatives, your confidence and presentation skills will improve. You may be most polished after one or two encounters with organization representatives
  • Before entering the room, set aside casual, personal behavior and mentally prepare yourself for a positive, professional interaction

Tips for presenting yourself to employers

  • Are you well pressed and dressed appropriately? Is your hair well groomed and conservatively styled? Have you removed excess jewelry? Can you smile with confidence? Make a last minute check in a mirror
  • Adopt your professional demeanor and enter the fair with a smile
  • Circulate by yourself, not in groups or with friends so that you will stand out as an individual when meeting company representatives at the event
  • Maintain your professionalism at all times. Representatives note and remember breaches of business decorum
  • To make a positive first impression, offer a firm handshake and make direct eye contact
  • Introduce yourself and use your 20 second, prepared introduction to begin the conversation. Articulate your job search objective
  • You will benefit from having conducted pre-event research on the company and its products or services, because in the conversation you will want to describe how you see yourself fitting in with the organization
  • When the organization representative wants to talk to the next person, they will give you a verbal or non-verbal cue. They may make a closing statement: for example, "Thank you for talking with me today “or” I will contact you at a later date.” Non-verbal cues may include interacting with the next person in line by turning toward them, smiling directly at them, or nodding in their direction
  • Thank the organization representative for their time and consideration. Ask for a business card - you will need the correct spelling of the name, the title, company address, for your formal thank you letter. It is helpful to have a phone number for your reference. Get a business card from everyone you speak to. If they do not have a business card, ask for their name and the correct spelling, and phone number, and write the information down
  • Send a formal thank you letter to everyone with whom you spoke. Computer generate or type the letter. A thank you letter is most effective when mailed within 48 hours

What students say about Digital Mixer

"The Digital Mixer provides an excellent forum for networking with IT professionals in the Greater Dayton area. It not only allows students to assess what skill sets employers are looking for, but it also is a great opportunity for them to showcase their ability. Because of the Digital Mixer, I obtained my first internship in the IT space with a well-respected local company. The internship turned into a part-time job that lasted over two years. I learned invaluable lessons, acquired essential IT skills to differentiate myself from my peers, and built a foundation for my career. I highly recommend the Digital Mixer as a way for any student looking to a get a head start on their future."

- Sarah Vidmar, University of Dayton alumna, employed as IT Staff Auditor with Fifth Third Bank.

"In winter of 2010, I attended the Digital Mixer at Wright State University where I became acquainted with some folks from a local company that specializes in software development and logistics improvement through the use of RFID technologies. I sent them a copy of my résumé and a few weeks and two interviews later, they offered me a co-op position. I worked as a co-op for them for the rest of my undergraduate college career and upon graduation they offered me a full time position as a junior software developer. Participating in the Digital Mixer provided me with an opportunity to gain invaluable hands on experience and ultimately led me down the path to the career I am now pursuing and I would recommend attending the event to any and all students looking for local internship and/or career opportunities."

- Amanda Hess, MIS major, Wright State University.

Student comments and personal information used with permission.


Talk to students about co-op, internship, and career employment opportunities during this fair type format. Consider requests for job shadowing and mentoring. Share information about industry trends and expectations.

Register in Advance

Review the information in this section to prepare for the upcoming event.

Additional Information

At Digital Mixer, you can expect to meet international students who are seeking work in information technology.

Learn about hiring International Students ›

Faculty & Staff

Talk to students and employers. Explore opportunities for student job shadowing and mentoring. Share information about industry trends and expectations.

Walk-in registration will be available on the day of the event.

Photos of Digital Mixer

If you have questions about Digital Mixer, call Russ Bennett, Member Services Coordinator, Technology First, 937.229.0054 or email Russ Bennett <rbennett@technologyfirst.org>