Use The Wright Search & Other Resources

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The Wright Search

The Wright Search is an online database and referral system enrolling students who have met the eligibility requirements for co-op and internship and who are actively seeking work. 

Employers visit The Wright Search to review résumés, post jobs, arrange on-campus interviews, and register for events.

In The Wright Search, you can:

  • view job postings
  • keep your résumé up-to-date so employers review the most recent version
  • register for events where you will meet employers
  • sign up for on-campus interviews

State-located & Federal Opportunities

The Internship Series On Line

Review listings at this comprehensive source for internships and summer job information.

Select the link, and on the "Internships-USA" page select "The Internship Series on line."

When prompted, enter user name: WrightState, password: GoRaiders

The Internship Series Online Access »

Special Programs with a Liaison in Career Services

For more information about special programs applications, call (937) 775-2556 or email

Other Special Programs

It would not be possible to maintain a complete, up to the minute list of special internship and co-op programs. There are many outstanding opportunities available. In an advising appointment, your Career Services adviser can advise you how to locate a program suited to your particular interests, skills, and educational level.

Start looking and apply early. Some application deadlines are nine months before the program starts!

Attend Recruiting Days and Special Events

Attend one of our targeted Recruiting Days. Each event brings together employers and candidates who share interest in a particular field or type of business. Employers come to Recruiting Days to recruit for co-op, internship, and career positions.

Employers sometimes arrange for special events to connect with students.

Interview on Campus

In our On-Campus Interviewing Program, students who meet the employer-specified qualifications may sign up for convenient, on-campus interviews using their account in The Wright Search.  Employers receive résumés electronically prior to the interview.  Students  meet with employers at our on-campus interviewing facility during business hours.

Information Sessions and Tables

Employers may also host an information session or an information table to share information and collect student contact information or résumés.

Personal and Professional Networks

Students may find positions through their personal and professional network that matches the description of a co-op or internship.  Students may register for co-op or internship for these qualifying positions. 

For legal and ethical reasons, if the position in question is not defined by the employer as a co-op or internship position, the student should inform the employer of the intent to register for co-op or internship. Career Services confirms the student’s registration with the employer.

Other Job Search Resources

Review resources in our Job Search Section.  Lists of resourches by major, location, and special interest.  Tips, videos, and podcasts to improve your job search skills, including interviewing and negotiating.

If you have questions about co-op or internship

If you have questions about referral methods or any aspect of co-op and internship, or want to schedule an individual advising appointment, call (937) 775-2556 or email