Photo of a company representative at Digital Mixer pointing to and explaining literature to student.The terms cooperative education (co-op) and internship refer to field-related work experiences available to students at upper academic levels.

At Wright State, registration for co-op and internship experience is available to students beginning in their sophomore year, once they have met eligibility requirements set by the university, their academic college and their department.

Work performed by students in a co-op must provide educational opportunities consistent with each student's course of study.

Full-time or Part-time Schedule

Students may participate in a co-op or internship on a part-time or full-time employment basis.

A full-time co-op or internship experience is defined as 40 hours per week over the length of the semester. Only when registered for full-time work experience is a student officially recognized by the university as a full-time student during the work term.

Part-time cooperative education placements result when a student’s  work schedule  is less than full-time. The suggested number of hours for part-time co-op or internship is a 20-25 hours per week over the course of the term.

Part-time positions as low as 10 hours per week may be accommodated by special arrangement with Career Services.

Students who register for part-time co-op must also carry a full load of course credit hours to be considered a full-time student.

Additional information for International Students

Work hour requirements for international students differ based on visa regulations.

International Student Co-op & Internship Registration

Length of Employment

Co-op program structures include:

  • alternating - students work full-time and alternate a term of work with a term of study
  • parallel - students work part-time and simultaneously continue their academic study

A co-op job generally implies a commitment of at least two work terms or more.

Internships are filled on a term-by-term basis.