Wright State Career Center advising and assessment resources are available to Wright State University alumni and current students.

Individual Appointments

The Career Center offers individual advising appointments for Wright State University students and alumni.

In individual appointments, our advisers assist with the full range of career exploration, job search, and career development issues.

What to Expect

When you schedule an appointment with a Career Center adviser, your conversations may include:

  • completing and reviewing assessments;
  • determining criteria for choosing a major;
  • identifying the academic preparation, skills, and experience for a chosen career;
  • seeking student employment positions, co-ops, or internships;
  • developing job search strategies;
  • writing résumés and cover letters;
  • networking;
  • practicing interview technique through mock interviews;
  • applying for career employment.

You may bring additional topics and concerns to the appointment.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling (937) 775-2556 and speaking to the assistant at the front desk.

TypeFocus Career Assessment

The Wright State Career Center offers TypeFocus, an online tool for career exploration and education planning.

TypeFocus guides you through activities that help you to clarify your strengths, interests, values, and personal style and provides immediate feedback to you. The feedback is based on your personal responses.

TypeFocus provides you with self-information so you can better identify and evaluate career options and majors that are most compatible for you.

To access TypeFocus, you must obtain an access code specific to Wright State University. Email lisa.duke@wright.edu to request the TypeFocus access code.

For effective interpretation and assistance with next steps, you are encouraged to meet with a Wright Staten Career Center adviser.

Call (937) 775-2556 to schedule an appointment for reviewing your findings and assistance with choosing majors and making decisions in managing your career.

Begin using TypeFocus

Obtain your access code from the Wright State Career Center? Then start using TypeFocus »

Other Assessment Tools

Assessments may be used as part of the career exploration advising process.

Assessments tools are discretionary and completed on the recommendation of a Wright State Career Center adviser, after consultation.

Wright State Career Center advisers delivers the assessment results and facilitates interpretation.

Fees may be associated with assessments.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

The MBTI questionnaire identifies individual strengths and style through clarification of personal preferences in four dimensions. After individually-focused advising, a Career Services adviser determines whether or not to administer the MBTI.

Self-Directed Search (SDS)

A booklet format delivering a personalized Holland Code, identifying ideal work environments and interests based on expressed preferences. After individually-focused advising, a Career Services adviser determines whether or not to administer the SDS.

Card Sorts

Sorting specific skills and interests cards into levels and preferences. Adviser-student discussions about the choices lead to clarity about career and major preferences. After individually-focused advising, a Career Services adviser determines whether or not to administer the Card Sorts.

Campbell Interests and Skills Survey (CISS)

A computer-scored questionnaire that categorizes interests and skills into seven orientations, then further narrows these to specialized areas. CISS identifies career fields to investigate. After individually-focused advising, a Career Center adviser determines whether or not to administer the CISS.