The Wright State Career Center administers a variety of programs and events, from which we gather data.

Our staff is dedicated to continuous quality improvement.  We use data in aggregate format to evaluate and enhance our services.

Post-Graduation Plans Report

Data Gathered from August 2011-June 2012 Wright State University Graduates

Snapshot of graduating student plans at the time of graduation:

  • 68.9% of graduates planned to work, pursue graduate school, or had other plans
  • 62.6% of respondents graduated with their bachelor degree and 33.2% of respondents graduated with their master degree
  • 58.7% reported employment at time of graduation
  • 33.3% plan to attend graduate school
  • Percent of respondents by college
    • 9% Nursing and Health
    • 11.4% Engineering and Computer Science
    • 15.2% Science and Math
    • 19.1% Liberal Arts
    • 19.6% Business
    • 20.7% Education and Human Services

Data from students reporting Work Only Plans

  • $43,038 Mean annual salary for all respondents pursing full-time work
    • Mean annual salaries by degree levels
      $33,205 Bachelor
      $53,016 Master
      $68,750 Doctorate
    • Mean annual salaries by college—all degree levels
      $27,628 Science and Math
      $28,705 Liberal Arts
      $38,820 Education and Health
      $45,808 Business
      $55,507 Nursing and Health
      $60,441 Engineering and Computer Science
  • Percent of respondents by college
    • 5.6% Science and Math
    • 11.2% Engineering and Computer Science
    • 11.8% Nursing and Health
    • 15% Liberal Arts
    • 23.4% Education and Human Services
    • 26.6% Business

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Data from students reporting Work and Graduate School Plans

  • 47.1%  of respondents attending graduate school will continue in their current work position
  • 56% of respondents will attend Wright State University
  • $27,593 Mean annual salary of position, while attending graduate school

Data from students reporting Graduate School Only Plans

  • 54% of respondents will attend Wright State University
  • An additional 25.7% of respondents will attend full-time graduate programs in Ohio
  • 54.2% report pursing master degrees, 35% doctorate degrees and 8.4% professional degrees
  • 82% report pursuing graduate study in the areas of STEM

Find out where our students go to graduate school (PDF)

Recruiting Days Report

2011-2012 Recruiting Days 
  • 295 employer registrations
  • 611 recruiters attended
  • 1143 students and alumni attended

In results of our follow-up questionnaire of employer satisfaction:

  • 98% of employers stated they had plans to attend similar Wright State University Recruiting Days
  • 96.875% of employers stated that they planned to give further consideration to candidates they met at Wright State University
  • 88.8% of employers felt candidates were well prepared
  • Overall rating of 3.2/4.0 from employers, with 4 being excellent and 1 being poor

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Education Fair & Interview Day Report

A series of events comprise our candidate preparation program, leading up to the signature event.

Education Fair & Interview Day Summary Report

Meet the Experts Panel Presentation, January 18, 2012:

  • Pam Taiclet, Oakwood Schools; Beverly Broestl, Montgomery County ESC; Dan Tarpey, Centerville City Schools; Matt Miller, Celina City Schools; and Doug Behnke from Delaware City Schools served as the experts and provided their perspectives regarding the selection and hiring process of teacher, administrator, and counselor candidates
  • 56 students attended the panel presentation (47 Dayton campus students attended in person; 9 Lake Campus students participated in a live remote presentation)

Mock Interview Days, January 24, 25, and 26, 2012:

  • Representatives from 12 local school districts conducted a total of 51 Mock Interviews on the Dayton Campus
  • Lake Campus coordinated mock interviews for 5 candidates
  • Mock interview scheduling process introduced students to the scheduling process in The Wright Search 

Education Fair & Interview Day, March 7, 2012:

  • 41 school districts participated
  • 559 interviews were conducted
  • 132 students and/or alumni  attended the Open Fair session
  • 37 evaluations were completed by representatives of 32 participating school districts
  • All 32 districts completing the evaluations indicated that they planned to give further consideration to some of the Wright State University candidates they interviewed
  • School district representatives reported 21 administrative vacancies and 509 expected vacancies for teacher candidates
  • School district representatives reported making contact with 8 to 40 teacher candidates during the Open Fair
  • The School District representatives evaluated the Fair on a five-point Likert Scale, with 1 = Poor and 5 = Excellent.  The format of the Fair received a mean score of 4.6 and the fair facilities a 4.6.  The buffet lunch was rated with a mean score of 4. 3.  Qualifications of Wright State University candidates were rated with a mean score of 4.4
  • After the event, 32 candidates who interviewed at the Fair met with a Career Services adviser to review school district feedback on their interviewing skills

Review the Education Fair & Interview Day full report (PDF)

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Co-op & Internship Program Data

During the 2011-2012 academic year, 406 registrations for co-op or internship through CPE 091 or 092, or LA 203, 205, 303, 305, 403, or 405.

85% of these positions were paid positions

The wage range was $7.10 per hour to $42.50 per hour

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Start Smart Data

Responses collected from participants in 2011-2012 Start Smart Salary Negotiation Workshops for women students*

The workshop and materials are relevant to my job search and to securing salary and benefits.
97.2% of participants Agree with this statement.

The workshop objectives were clearly stated and the workshop was well organized.
97.2% of participants Agree with this statement.

The presenter for this workshop was well prepared.
97.2% of participants Agree with this statement.

I would recommend participation in the Start Smart negotiations training workshop to a friend.
97.2% of participants Agree with this statement.

I know how to use a basic budget to prepare for salary and benefits negotiation.
100% of participants agree with this statement.

I know how to benchmark the salary and benefits for my first job.
100% of participants agree with this statement.

Now that you have completed the workshop, how confident are you that you can negotiate for the salary and benefits that match your education and experience?
97.1% of participants are confident they can negotiate salary and benefits

My confidence in negotiating salary has increased since attending this workshop.
100% of participants agree with this statement.

*Data is reported as collected.  However, due to variations in response on one participant survey, it is possible that the student inverted their responses on the Likert scale.  If this was the case, all above responses would have the result of 100% of participants agreeing with the statement.

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