Educating Clients at Orion Physical Therapy, Fall 2010

Hyacinth Wallace,
majoring in Exercise Biology,
senior, two quarters in the co-op program at time of testimonial.
Employed at Orion Physical Therapy.

Responsibilities during co-op:

During my internship my responsibilities began with simply restocking linens and changing used examination beds. As my internship continued, I began working through exercises with patients. I was encouraged to explain the benefits of several exercises for various rehabilitations. For example, the benefit of using lighter weights to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles for patients with bicep tendonitis or the benefits of stretching the gastrocnemius for patients with plantar fasciitis. Towards the end of my internship I was prescribing exercises for new patients and I made my own pair of orthodics.

Most beneficial aspect of being enrolled in the co-op program?

I think the most beneficial part of my experience was the hands on interaction with patients. Some patients were very timid and unsure of their physical capabilities. Working with them through their anxiety and reassuring them by helping them progress through exercises proved the importance of physical therapists and their role as teachers.