Find Career Services support for student advising

Arrange presentations for classes or clubs

The Wright State Career Center staff are available to make classroom and club presentations on the complete range of career services topics.

Presentations can be general in nature or tailored to specific disciplinary areas.

Students can learn about the job outlook in their field, as well as what skills and experiences will make them more competitive in their job search.

Résumé workshops and other practical presentations are available.

Call (937) 775-2556 or email

Host employers to share your news & learn their news

Recruiters conduct on-campus interviews at the Wright State Career Center, seeking students from specific academic disciplines to fill jobs in a variety of organizations.

Recruiters are often available for lunch appointments with faculty or other departmental representatives. Your department is invited to host a recruiter for lunch at the Union Market or at a local restaurant.

Hosting an on-campus recruiter leads to higher visibility and an increased sense of partnership.

Hosting a lunch can yield productive collaborations as well as increased opportunity for your students.

To indicate your interest in hosting an on-campus recruiter during the upcoming on-campus interviewing period, call (937) 775-2556 or email

Host an Etiquette Luncheon Table for a group of your students

During Etiquette Luncheon, Wright State students are coached through the finer points of business dining, mingling, and networking. Presenters arre Business Etiquette Trainer certified by DTN Productions.

Participation is available to current Wright State students only.

Departments, divisions, faculty and staff may host tables for classes or clubs. Faculty and staff who host a table attend with the students.

Advance reservations are required.

Space is limited and seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Faculty or staff interested in hosting an Etiquette Luncheon table, call (937) 775-2556 or email

Visit Recruiting Days & other events

Faculty are welcome at Wright State Career Center events. 

Reservations are required for some events. 

Events are targeted to defined student and employer groups. 

When you attend an event, please introduce yourself to our staff. We will have up-to-the-minute information to share with you.

Increase student attendance at events through your endorsement.

Classroom announcements and listing of events on syllabi are two ways faculty encourage students to attend Wright State Career Center functions.

Your students have multiple opportunities to impress potential employers with their knowledge and skills. The Wright State Career Center organizes a job search or career exploration event almost every month.  Some  events enable students to make many job search connections in one day, in one place.

Facualty and staff are excelent influencers.  Students appreciate the guidance that sets them on the road to job search success.

Provide references

Students and alumni need references for special programs, co-ops, internships, and career employment. The Wright State Career Center encourages students to utilize former employers and faculty or staff at the university who know them well.

The Wright State Career Center is a member of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), a professional association which offers tips and guideline for writing references.

Faculty and staff with questions about references, call (937) 775-2556 or email