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Wright State University Career Fair Fall 2016,
Tuesday, October 11.

Network with multiple potential employers, in an on-campus location.

Meet corporate and non-profit employers

  • Representing many industries
  • Recruiting for current or anticipated co-op, internship, and career employment positions

Open to Wright State University students & alumni in all majors.

Career Fair registration available after you:

  1. Submit your Profile.
  2. Upload a professional resume that is accepted (complete all revisions).
  3. Select "Applicant Type" = at least one of: Seeking co-op/internship, Seeking Career (part-time), Seeking Career (full-time).
  4. Select "Allow Employer Viewing" = Yes.

If you've already completed these 4 steps, you can register now!

More Career Fair details for Students & Alumni


The Outcomes Survey for Graduating Students & Recent Grads More information

Tell us what you are doing!

The Outcomes Survey: an online tool for gathering employment and graduate school admissions data from new graduates, based upon prevailing national demands and standards.

Wright State University asks all soon-to-graduate students and recent graduates to complete the survey and periodically update it in the year following graduation.

At each stage of the survey, students who respond have the chance to win a giveaway item as described in the survey communication.

Watch for details that come to the email address designated "Primary Email" in your Wright State University student record.