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Enrolled on or after January 1, 2016?

  1. Log in with your Campus Username and Password (like you log in to WINGS).
  2. Do not select “Sign up for an account.” You have an account in Handshake waiting to be authenticated.

Enrolled before, but not on or after, January 1, 2016?

  1. Have an active email? Use email to send your name, term and year last enrolled.
  2. Don't have an active email? Email Alumni Relations AND requesting an update to your preferred email address.
  3. Monitor your email for further instructions. Additional verification may be requested.
  4. Applications for an account are subject to review.

Handshake links Wright State students with employers and opportunities: on-campus Student Employment positions, off-campus internships, full-time career opportunities, part-time positions, career fairs and other events.

New students: your account should be available within 48 hours after you receive your Campus Username and Password.

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What are you doing after graduation? More information

Class of Spring 2017 and Class of Summer 2017:

Class of Fall 2016:


Wright State University asks soon-to-graduate students and recent graduates to share what they are doing after graduation, by completing and periodically updating survey responses, in the year following graduation.

A request to complete the survey is emailed to the address.

Beginning with the Class of Spring 2017, the First Destination Survey is available inside Handshake.