10 Things about your University Career Center account in Handshake

  1. Enrolled on or after January 1, 2016?
    Log in with your Campus Username and Password (like you log in to WINGS) using the button "Join Career Center in Handshake" at Get Started > Students
    Do not select “Sign up for an account.” You have an account in Handshake waiting to be authenticated.
    Contact careercenter@wright.edu with questions about your login.
    Enrolled before, but not on or after, January 1, 2016?
    Do not select “Sign up for an account.”
    Have an active wright.edu email?
    Use wright.edu email to send careercenter@wright.edu your name, term and year last enrolled.
    Don't have an active wright.edu email? Email Alumni Relations alumni@wright.edu AND careercenter@wright.edu requesting an update to your preferred email address.
    Monitor your email for a reply. Additional verification may be requested.
    Applications for an account are subject to review.
    Contact careercenter@wright.edu with questions about your login.

  2. On your first-time-login, before activating your account, it is recommended that you:
    • Deselect “Yes, I want top companies to be able to find and view my profile!”
      When you have completed your Profile and are ready, then you may select “Make Profile Public.”
      You may toggle this choice at any time, inside your Profile.
      If you apply for a job, then your Profile and Documents become available to that employer, even if you have not made your Profile public.
    • Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  3. If your profile is publicly available, you appear in employer search and filtering results.
    Employers may filter by single fields or combinations of fields.
    Majors are filtered on primary education.
  4. You may review and apply for all jobs posted in the University Career Center Handshake account, whether or not your Profile is publicly available.
  5. For students currently enrolled or who have been admitted for the upcoming term, the following fields will be periodically and automatically updated from current enrollment information in the university student record: wright.edu email address; first name; last name; year in school; education level; major(s) and concentration(s); affiliated college.
    If a currently enrolled student or one admitted for the upcoming term edits automatically updated fields in their profile, the student’s edits will be overwritten on the next scheduled automated update.
    If you believe that automatically updated information is not correct, contact RaiderConnect to request corrections to your university record.
    The student manually maintains any fields not included in the automatic update.
  6. After graduation, automated update of the student primary education fields will stop.
    Alumni manually maintain your profile.
    Alumni update your year in school to “Alumni” by selecting your name in the menu for the drop down option = User Settings.
    Automatic updates to primary education fields will start again with any new enrollment and will overwrite previously existing information in those primary education fields that are included in the automatic update (see #6).
    To be found by and accurately represented to employers, alumni returning for new enrollment must manually manage any primary education fields not included in the automatic update.
  7. For all automatically imported and updated accounts, email address is locked against editing.
    The email address in the account is used for University Career Center and employer communication.
    To maintain your wright.edu email address after graduation, contact CaTS before you graduate.
  8. Routine deactivation:
    Students who are admitted for a particular term but are not enrolled per the university’s 14th day report will be deactivated in that term.
    Each semester, the University Career Center will deactivate records lacking activity during a one year lookback period.
    If a deactivated student enrolls for a new program at the university, their account will be reactivated and the primary education fields will be automatically updated (see #6) for the duration of their new enrollment.
  9. Logging out:
    Although you select “Sign out” in your Handshake account, it will remain open as long as you have open any other Campus Username and Password authenticated applications or accounts.
    Sign out of all authenticated accounts and then close your browser window(s) to fully exit.
  10. Alumni applications for a Wright State University Career Center Handshake account are subject to review.
    Application for an account does not guarantee an approval.