The Outcomes Survey

For Recent Graduates

Class of Spring 2017:

Class of Summer 2016 & Class of Fall 2016:

Wright State University asks all soon-to-graduate students and recent graduates to complete the survey and periodically update it in the year following graduation.

Surveys are conducted online and based on national standards.

A request to complete the survey is emailed to students prior to graduation, and reminders are sent at intervals during the following year.

Graduates from Fall 2016 and earlier send information via The Outcomes Survey powered by GradLeaders.

Graduates from Spring 2017 and later send information via the First Destination Survey in Handshake.

Outcomes Data

The survey for each class closes one year after the commencement date. After the survey closes, aggregated results from respondents are posted to this page.

Classes graduating Spring, Summer and Fall of 2015 represent the pilot year for The Outcomes Survey at Wright State University.

Class of Summer 2016

Results for the Class of Summer 2016 will be posted after July 29, 2017.

Class of Fall 2016

Results for the Class of Fall 2016 will be posted after December 18, 2017.