Payroll Overview

2014 W-2 Information


If you consented to receive your 2014 W2 electronically, it is now available on WINGS Express.  Just login to your account and go to the Employee tab.  Click on Tax Forms and enter your login information.  Click on W2 Year End Earnings Statement and select the year.  Your W2 will be displayed.  There is a link in the lower left corner to print your W2.  You may print as many copies as you need.  This form is acceptable to all taxing municipalities. 


Paper copies will be mailed by January 31, 2015. 


When you file this year’s return, you may be prompted to show proof of health insurance coverage.  In most cases, it’s as simple as checking a box.  However, in some instances, you may need to show proof of coverage.  Originally, the Affordable Care Act required employers to provide Form 1095 to employees for proof of coverage in 2014.  This requirement was delayed by the government until tax year 2015.  Wright State University will not be providing Form 1095 this year. We would like to offer some ideas of some alternative documentation.  Your W2 lists employee contributions for health care coverage in Box 14.  Employer provided health care costs are also listed in Box 12, code DD.  Your last pay stub for the year also shows health insurance information or your health insurance card is also proof of coverage.  



Mission Statement

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The Wright State University Payroll Department is a dedicated team of professionals committed to paying University employees on-time and accurately; to providing University employees with excellence in customer service and to supporting University efforts to achieve its mission.

Vision Statement

The Payroll Department will always support Wright State University as it works to achieve its mission. We will provide leadership in respect to our professionalism and knowledge of payroll practices making sure that Wright State University stays in compliance with payroll and taxation issues. We will be receptive and responsive to employees' and other departments' needs.

Our vision will be accomplished by:

  • Fulfilling the Payroll Department's mission statement
  • Providing university-wide communication and training in usage and interpretation of systems and university payroll policies while enhancing employee developmental opportunities
  • Continuing the departmental education in regards to technology
  • Exploring every available avenue to convey information to our customers and developing a newsletter and website to facilitate communication with the campus community

Core Values

  • Confidentiality - We will always respect your privacy and the privacy of your personal information. In those situations where we are legally bound to divulge your personal information, we will limit the release of your data to that which is covered by the rules of compliance.
  • Individuality/empathy - We understand that each employee is unique and makes a distinct contribution to the University. We will always begin by first trying to understand your concerns from your point of view.
  • Teamwork - We will always work together to support the needs of the employee, the department, the division and each other. Our efforts will always support the University's initiatives to achieve its mission and goals.
  • Honesty - We are truthful in all we say and all we do. And we are consistent in our application of policies and procedures for individual employees.
  • Accuracy/Timeliness - We pay all employees the amount they are due on the schedule they are due to be paid. If a mistake occurs, regardless of the source of the problem, we will make the employee whole forthwith or within a reasonable time under the circumstances of the case.
  • Trust/Accountability - We will always behave in a manner that deserves your trust and your respect. You can be confident that we apply university policies and procedures consistently, fairly and accurately across all employees.