Budget Planning & Resource Analysis Reports

Academic Data Series

The Academic Data Series, which consists of five major sections, is a compilation of statistics extracted from a variety of university reports and Ohio Board of Regents’ resources. Five years of instructional data are presented by department, college, and campus in addition to a revenue and expenditure analysis for the current year. The Statewide Comparison section includes additional data from the Ohio Board of Regents’ report entitled Ohio’s Colleges & Universities: Profile of Student Outcomes, Experiences and Campus Measurements. Also included in this section is a comparison of Cost per FTE by Subject Field, which comes from the Resource Analysis, provided by HEI (the Ohio Board of Regents’ Higher Education Information system).


Delaware Study

The Delaware Study: National Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity is a comparative analysis of faculty teaching loads and direct instructional cost at the level of academic discipline. In this report Wright State University’s Dayton campus data is compared to a peer group of participating institutions in the Research Universities - High Research Activity (RH) Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. The Delaware Study data is seen as an additional tool of the more comprehensive university staffing analysis.


Efficiency Initiatives

Wright State University has continually strived to create ways to be more operationally and financially efficient. Annually the university has prepared a report that captures the efficiency initiatives accomplished across the campus. This report has been presented to the Board of Trustees each year and has served as a model in the Ohio Board of Regent’s state efficiency reporting.

The initiatives captured in the annual report include the following:

  • Initiatives that generate new revenues
  • Initiatives that reallocate funds within units to better align resources with the university’s Strategic Plan
  • Initiatives that reduce or eliminate university or unit expense
  • Initiatives that increase operational efficiency resulting in gained productivity


Staffing Analysis

The Staffing Analysis is an annual report which consists of university staffing data including staff and faculty FTE counts, ratios of student FTE to faculty/staff FTE, budgetary staffing information and comparisons of staffing levels among Ohio’s state supported University Main Campuses.