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Waste Collection

Waste Collection

Label Requirements

  1. Start Date
  2. Name/Identity of Waste
  3. Physical State (solid, liquid, gas)
  4. Hazard(s)
  5. Contents (% of components)
  6. Faculty or Staff Name
  7. Department
  8. Room #
  9. Additional Information

Please contact Rachel Seitz at 937-775-4275 for waste collection.

Provide the following information:

Your Information
  • Your Name
  • Building
  • Room Number of waste location
  • Telephone
  • Your email
Waste Information
  • Type of waste
    • Infectious (number and size of boxes -- large or small)
    • Chemical (liquid or solid, size and location of material)
  • Replacement boxes (number of boxes, small or large)
Waste Collection Form -- Under Construction