Office Supplies

GBEX, LLC/OfficeMax

Effective April 1, 2010, Wright State University has a purchasing agreement with GBEX, LLC./OfficeMax. This contract is the result of a collaborative effort of all state universities in Ohio working together through the Inter-University Council Purchasing Group.

Online Ordering: To order on the Internet with a procurement card, you must order using the electronic catalog available through WrightBuy.

Discounts at Retail Stores:  An OfficeMax personal ID card is available to Wright State University employees. This card allows employees to receive university pricing on business and personal purchases at OfficeMax retail stores for the items on Wright State University's contract (XLS) (campus username and password required). Applicable sales tax will be charged when using this card for personal use; be sure to bring the Tax Exemption Form (PDF) (campus username and password required) for business use.

OfficeMax Retail Connect Card for Wright State University Employees (PDF) (campus username and password required)

Custom Stamps: To order a custom stamp, please submit a completed GBEX/OfficeMax Custom Stamp Order Form (PDF) by fax to 855-381-4239 and enter your ProCard information.

Computer Peripherals

These are just examples found in the most recent business case.

If you have specific questions please contact Mary Pasquinelli at (937) 775-2522 or Lindsay Love at (937) 775-2412.

Toner Cartridges

Vendors selling toner cartridges for printers, copiers, and fax machines, have contacted departments through email, fax and telephone in the past.

Please be cautious for the following reasons:

  • Normally, vendors of good standing with the University do not call departments to refill orders;        
  • Some companies charge hundreds of dollars for a $30 toner cartridge, plus shipping and handling;        
  • If you unknowingly order toners, and we sign for delivery, we are obligated to pay the invoice unless items are returned within 3 -15 days. These companies always have proof of delivery.      
  • Re-stocking fees of 15% are charged after 3 days.

Helpful guidelines to follow:

  • The cost of toner and supplies are included in the monthly billing if you have a copier maintained by Printing Services.
  • If you maintain your own copier and order supplies, they should be purchased through Guy Brown Products/OfficeMax, IUC agreement or an authorized service company, i.e., Donnellon McCarthy, IKON, and Xerox. Printer toner can be purchased through Guy Brown Products/OfficeMax or the Inter-University Contract price agreement ( Be sure to compare pricing on each item.