Secure Print for Linux

Instructions for Installing Xerox Print Queue onto a Linux Workstation


Printing to Xerox devices through the university’s Managed Print program is facilitated using a software package called “Pharos”. On Windows and Mac workstations, a client is installed onto the workstation in order to facilitate printing. However, Pharos does not provide a client for Linux/Unix workstations, so CaTS has developed the following process in order to allow Linux users to print to the Xerox devices provided through the university’s Managed Print program.

In order to ensure the integrity of the financial aspect of the Managed Print program, Linux machines are only able to print to the “Secure” queue. This requires access to one of the Xerox multifunction printers with a card reader installed.

Download Configuration Script

  1. Log into a user account with rights to configure printers.
  2. Download the configuration script zip file:
  3. Extract the contents of the zip file. The zip file contains two files:
    1. xrx7855.ppd – This is the printer driver file
    2. – This is a bash script that installs the print queue using lpd/lpr and prompts for your username so print jobs are submitted attached to your username.
  4. From a Terminal window, run the following command from within the folder location where the two files were extracted: bash ./
    1. You may need to modify the file to permit executions, and may need to run the script using sudo
  5.  The print queue should now be installed.


  • Depending on the application used to print, you may need to change print options, including 1‐sided vs. 2‐sided; and monochrome vs. color.
  • This configuration will install the same printer across all users configured on the workstation; and will send all jobs to the queue with the username entered during the installation process. If you have a need to have multiple users use the same system, please contact CaTS at x4827.