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The following mailing procedures apply to all mail handled by the Mail Center.

  • The mail center provides metered mail service for outgoing USPS mail and parcels to all WSU departments.
  • Items to be metered must have a WSU departmental return address.
  • The sending department must provide a valid WSU six digit account number for charge back purposes.
  • International mail must be separated from domestic mail.
  • If several letter envelopes are to be metered please overlap the flaps if sealing is required.
  • All large envelopes must be sealed.
  • Please do not use staples to secure mail.

Classes of Mail

First Class

Any mailable matter may be mailed as first class mail. The following are considered First Class matter and must carry postage at First Class or Priority Mail rates:

  • Matter wholly or partially handwritten or type-written, originals or carbons, invoices, and post cards.
  • Bills and statements of account, regardless of method of preparation or quantity of identical pieces mailed, except authorized enclosures in or attachments to standard mail.
  • Price lists with written-in figures changing items or prices.
  • Business reply mail.
  • Blank printed forms filled out in writing including canceled or uncancelled checks.


All first class mail exceeding 11 ounces and not exceeding 70 pounds, and, at the option of the mailer any mail weighing less than 11 ounces, is considered priority mail. This is not a minimum weight limitation. There is a flat rate up to five pounds. Use priority mail when 2 to 3 day service is desired. Please note that priority mail is not insured or trackable. Priority Mail envelopes are available at no charge at the University Mail Center.


The following can be mailed at Standard Mail rates:

  • Circulars
  • Booklets
  • Merchandise
  • Photographs
  • Catalogs
  • Newsletters
  • Product Samples
  • Printed Matter

Standard mail provides an economical way to ship items than weigh more than 11 ounces. Please remember that these items are shipped by truck.

Special Standard

Only these items may be mailed at Special Standard Mail Rates:

  • Books, including books to supplement other books of at least eight printed pages.
  • 16 millimeter or narrower width films which must be positive prints for viewing.
  • Printed music, whether in bound or printed form.
  • Printed objective test materials and their accessories used by or on behalf of educational institutions to test ability, aptitude, achievement, interests and other mental or personal qualities.
  • Sound recordings and guides or scripts prepared solely for use with such recordings.
  • Play scripts and manuscripts for books, periodicals and music.
  • Printed educational reference charts designed to instruct or train individuals for improving or developing their capabilities.
  • Loose-leaf pages and their binders consisting of medical information for distribution to doctors, hospitals, medical schools and medical students.
  • Computer readable media containing prerecorded information.


Library Mail is Standard Mail that meets the following regulation:

Each piece must show, in the address or return address, the name of a school, college, university, public library, museum or herbarium or the name of a non-profit religious, educational, scientific philanthropic, agricultural, labor, veterans and fraternal organizations.

The following items may be mailed at Library Rate to or from institutions described above:

  • Books.
  • Printed music.
  • Bound volumes of academic thesis.
  • Periodicals, whether bound or unbound.
  • Sound Recordings.
  • Other library materials in printed, duplicated, or photographic form.
  • Museum materials, specimens, collections, teaching aids, printed matter and interpretive materials for informing and furthering the educational work and interests of museums and herbariums.


Certified mail provides you with a mailing receipt and a record of delivery is maintained at the recipients post office for two years. A return receipt providing you with proof of delivery can be obtained for an additional fee. Certified mail service is only available for First Class domestic mail. No insurance coverage is provided.


The registered mail system is designed to provide added protection for valuable and irreplaceable items. Postage insurance may be purchased. Registered mail is the most secure mail the United States Postal Service offers. It incorporates a system of receipts to monitor registered articles from the point of acceptance to delivery. Return receipt and restricted delivery services are available for additional fees. Added security may delay delivery up to 48 hours.


Payment can be obtained for domestic mail that has been lost, rifled or damaged by having it insured. Standard Mail or merchandise mailed at first class rates can be insured up to $5,000. Express Mail includes $500 insurance at no extra charge.

Return Receipts

A return receipt is a proof of delivery. It is available for insured mail, and with certified, registered and domestic mail shipments. The return receipt identifies the article number, who signed for it and the delivery date.


Express mail is an expedited delivery service. It reaches all major markets in the US. Express Mail provides for the shipment of letters, documents and other mailable items up to 70 pounds.

Please note: You may purchase prepaid UPS next day air labels from Printing Services at a significant cost savings. These labels are for overnight letters to an address in the contiguous 48 states. This service is with United Parcel Service not the United States Postal Service.


Most items are mailable to foreign countries with certain restrictions. Please contact the mail center to determine the proper classification and documentation. The last line of any foreign address should be the country name spelled out in capital letters.

Business Reply

All business reply postage and handling charges are billed back to departments. Please be sure to place your department name on the business reply envelope. Generic business reply envelopes are available through Printing Services. Custom business reply pieces or envelopes can be printed through Printing Services at an additional cost.

Outgoing Personal

Outgoing personal mail is handled with university mail. You may deposit personal mail in your out basket in your department or area. Please keep it separate from university mail to be metered. Outgoing personal mail must be sealed and have the proper postage affixed. Stamps are not sold at the Mail Center; however, they may be purchased at Wright Copy (E181 Student Union) during normal business hours. Our personnel are able to determine the correct amount of postage required if you bring the item to the service window in 011 Millett between 8:30 and 4:00 on work days.

Incoming Personal

Please do not have personal items sent to your university address.

Rates and Zip Codes

Below are links to international post offices, a USPS zip code locator, and a USPS rate calculator.


States and Provinces

  • Alaska AK    
  • Alabama AL   
  • Arkansas AR  
  • Amer. Samoa AS    
  • Arizona AZ    
  • California CA    
  • Colorado CO   
  • Connecticut CT    
  • District of Columbia DC    
  • Delaware DE    
  • Florida FL  
  • Federal States of Micronesia FM   
  • Georgia GA
  • Guam GU   
  • Hawaii HI
  • Iowa IA
  • Idaho ID
  • Illinois IL
  • Indiana IN
  • Kansas KS
  • Kentucky KY
  • Louisiana LA
  • Massachusetts MA
  • Maryland MD
  • Maine ME
  • Marshall Isl. MH
  • Michigan MI
  • Minnesota MN
  • Missouri MO
  • N Mariana Is. MP
  • Mississippi MS
  • Montana MT
  • North Carolina NC
  • North Dakota ND
  • Nebraska NE
  • New Hampshire NH
  • New Jersey NJ
  • Nevada NV
  • New York NY
  • Ohio OH
  • Oklahoma OK
  • Oregon OR
  • Pennsylvania PA
  • Puerto Rico PR
  • Palau PW
  • Rhode Island RI
  • South Carolina SC
  • South Dakota SD
  • Tennessee TN
  • Texas TX
  • Utah UT
  • Virginia VA
  • Virgin Islands VI
  • Vermont VT
  • Washington WA
  • Wisconsin WI
  • West Virginia WV
  • Wyoming WY

Street Names

  • Alley ALY
  • Annex ANX
  • Arcade ARC
  • Avenue AVE
  • Beach BCH
  • Burg BG
  • Bluff BLF
  • Boulevard BLVD
  • Bend BND
  • Branch BR
  • Bridge BRG
  • Brook BRK
  • Bottom BTM
  • Bypass BYP
  • Circle CIR
  • Club CLB
  • Cliffs CLFS
  • Corner COR
  • Corners CORS
  • Camp CP
  • Cape CPE
  • Crescent CRES
  • Creek CRK
  • Course CRSE
  • Causeway CSWY
  • Court CT
  • Center CTR
  • Courts CTS
  • Cove CV
  • Key CY
  • Canyon CYN
  • Dale DL
  • Dam DM
  • Drive DR
  • Divide DV
  • Estates EST
  • Expressway EXPY
  • Extension EXT
  • Fall FALL
  • Forge FGR
  • Field FLD
  • Fields FLDS
  • Falls FLS
  • Flats FLT
  • Ford FOR
  • Fork FORK
  • Forks FRKS
  • Forest FRST
  • Ferry FRY
  • Fort FT
  • Freeway FWY
  • Gardens GDNS
  • Glen GLN
  • Green GN
  • Grove GRV
  • Gateway GTWY
  • Harbor HBR
  • Hill HL
  • Hills HLS
  • Hollow HOLW
  • Heights HTS
  • Haven HVN
  • Highway HWY
  • Inlet INLT
  • Island IS
  • Isle ISLE
  • Islands ISS
  • Junction  JCT
  • Knolls KNLS
  • Locks LCKS
  • Lodge LDG
  • Loaf LF
  • Light LGT
  • Lake LK
  • Lakes LKS
  • Lane LN
  • Landing LNDG
  • Loop LOOP
  • Mall MALL
  • Meadows MDWS
  • Mill ML
  • Mills MLS
  • Manor MNR
  • Mission MSN
  • Mount MT
  • Mountain MTN
  • Neck NCK
  • Orchard ORCH
  • Oval OVAL
  • Park PARK
  • Pass PASS
  • Path PATH
  • Pike PIKE
  • Parkway PKY
  • Place PL
  • Plain PLN
  • Plains PLNS
  • Plaza PLZ
  • Pines PNES
  • Prairie PR
  • Port PRT
  • Point PT
  • Radial RADL
  • Road RD
  • Ridge RDG
  • River RIV
  • Ranch RNCH
  • Row ROW
  • Rapids RPDS
  • Rest RST
  • Run RUN
  • Shoal SHL
  • Shoals SHLS
  • Shore SHR
  • Shores SHRS
  • Summit SMT
  • Spring SPG
  • Springs SPGS
  • Spur SPUR
  • Square SQ
  • Street ST
  • Station STA
  • Stravenues STRA
  • Stream STRM
  • Terrace TER
  • Turnpike TPKE
  • Track TRAK
  • Trace TRCE
  • Trail TRL
  • Trailer TRLR
  • Tunnel TUNL
  • Union UN
  • Viaduct VIA
  • Vista VIS
  • Ville VL
  • Village VLG
  • Valley VLY
  • View VW
  • Walk WALK
  • Way WAY
  • Wells WLS
  • Crossing XING
  • Bayou YU


  • North N
  • South S
  • East E
  • West W
  • Northeast NE
  • Southeast SE
  • Northwest NW
  • Southwest SW

Secondary Address Units

  • Apartment APT
  • Building BLDG
  • Department DEPT
  • Floor FL
  • Room RM
  • Suite STE

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy stamps on campus?

    Stamps can only be purchased at Wright Copy (E181 Student Union) during normal business hours. In addition to the cost of the stamp, 2 cents per stamp surcharge is added. The mailroom does not sell stamps.

    You can also call 1-800-STAMP24 to order stamps by credit card. To buy stamps for University business, use your department procurement card.

  • Where can I find Campus Mail envelopes?

    Approved Campus Mail envelopes are often returned to the Mail Center when departments have excess. You may call (937) 775-2907 to request a quantity. You may purchase additional envelopes from Printing Services when the Mail Center supply is depleted.

  • Why do we still receive mail for departed staff?

    The sender may not know the staff person has departed. You need to send a change of address card to the sender or mark the piece with the forwarding address and re-deposit it in the mail. The change of address card is the best option to ensure the sender has the new information.

  • How can I get mail forwarded?

    Before you move, get a free mover's packet from your Post Office or check the web at Your new address will be kept in the Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA) file and all forward mail will be sent to your new address. The Postal Service will not accept a change of address for a University address. You will need to send a change of address form to publishers, correspondents, etc., at the time of your move or if you leave the University.

  • Can I charge postage to my department and repay the department?

    No. The use of University funds for personal postage, either metered or franked stamps, is prohibited.

  • Who can I call about Bulk Mail and Campus Mailing List?

    You must have a minimum of 200 identical pieces. Any additional questions or concerns can be answered by calling Mary Shifflett, Printing Services at (937) 775-2117.

  • What can I do to get off a junk mail list?

    A good place to start is to write the Direct Marking Association: Mail Preference Service, C/O Direct Market Association, P.O. Box 3861, Grand Central Station, NY, NY 10163-3861. Request your name, address and phone number be removed from marketing lists. Visit the Direct Marketing Association website to register for The DMA's Mail Preference Service. There is a $5 processing fee for registering with the MPS service online.