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About inclusive courseware

The newest textbook delivery method at Wright State, courseware encompasses a number of learning materials, and typically it is an eTextbook with an interactive learning platform such as Connect, MyLab, Mindtap, etc. These learning platforms contain interactive course material including readings, quizzes, videos, flash cards, and other material designed to help you learn and succeed in your course. Your instructor has chosen this material and will be requiring it in the course. These items are available as new only and Wright State has negotiated special pricing to have this material delivered directly to you in Pilot. 

The fee for this material is part of your tuition and is listed as DPTCOURSE_INCLUSIVE COURSEWARE under the CRN detail. Per the Department of Education, this fee is allowed when offering significant savings to students for their course material. An opt-out form is available from RaiderConnect, but is strongly discouraged. If you choose to opt out, you are responsible for obtaining course material in a timely manner to ensure academic success in the course.

Inclusive Courseware Fee is refundable during the 100% refund period. For complete details, please visit the RaiderConnect website.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Inclusive Courseware?

    Inclusive Courseware is a textbook affordability solution resulting from collaboration of Student Government, Faculty, Administration, Campus Bookstore, and many other departments across campus, all working together to help Wright State students save money on textbooks.

  • What do I get with my Inclusive Courseware charge?

    If you have a class using Inclusive Courseware, your instructor chosen material will be billed to your student account at the lowest price—and the digital eText and interactive components will be delivered in Pilot—ready for the first day of class!

    Please check with the Wright State Bookstore to see if any additional materials are needed for the course (lab manual, notebook, novel, etc).

  • What if I want a print copy of the book?

    Some classes may offer a print companion at a significantly lower price ($15 and up). Availability will vary depending on the publisher used for the Inclusive Courseware and is generally a loose-leaf without any access code. Please contact Wright State Bookstore for availability.

  • What if I drop the course or change sections?

    It's easy! As long as you do so during the 100% refund period for tuition*, the Inclusive Courseware charge will be refunded to your account. This refund will be processed automatically so you do not need to do any paperwork.

    *Currently first 2 weeks of semester—see academic calendar to confirm dates

  • Can I get the content cheaper?

    We negotiate with the publishers and the price must be below market value in order for it to be part of Inclusive Courseware. Because of the interactive components such as Connect, MyLab, Mindtap, etc., typical savings options like used and rental will not be available because these are for one-time use and need to be purchased new.

  • What if I have financial aid or scholarships that pay for my books?

    You will see Inclusive Courseware on your student bill and this charge will be covered if funds are available after tuition is paid. Please contact RaiderConnect for specific questions regarding your student bill.

  • What about veterans with Chapter 31 or Chapter 33/G.I. Bill benefits?

    Chapter 31 will be billed to the VA along with tuition. If you are on Chapter 33/G.I. Bill, you are responsible for paying the Inclusive Courseware charge on your student bill and submittng for reimbursement as part of your stipend for textbooks.

  • What if I am retaking the course?

    Like tuition, you will need to pay for the Inclusive Courseware again. A few exceptions may be made to this and it is at the publisher discretion if they extend access at no additional charge. Please contact the Wright State Bookstore if this situation applies.

  • What if I want to opt-out?

    You may choose to Opt-Out of Inclusive Courseware, but this is strongly discouraged. Inclusive Courseware typically contains deeply integrated components such as Connect, MyLab, Mindtap, etc. that are used in your course. If purchased separately, you will not be part of this integration which will cause course disruption for the instructor and you.

    If you decide to Opt-Out, you are responsible for purchasing access at a higher cost and any delay will hinder your success in this class. If you still wish to exercise your right to Opt-Out, please visit RaiderConnect to obtain an opt-out form. The deadline to Opt-Out is the same as the 100% refund period for tuition*.

    * Currently first 2 weeks of semester; see academic calendar to confirm dates.

  • I have other questions - who should I contact?

    Inclusive Courseware content, delivery, print companions, etc.

    Wright State University Bookstore
    (937) 775-5600

    Billing questions, Opt-Out, add/drop, etc.

    (937) 775-4000

Courses using inclusive courseware

Fall 2018 Inclusive Courseware List of Courses
Dept Course Section
BIO        1010 ALL
BIO        1050 ALL
BIO 1120 ALL
BIO        3100 01
BMB        3220 01
CHM 2110 ALL
DEV        0970 ALL
DEV        0990 ALL
EC         1050 ALL
EC         2050 03
ED         2100 03
ED         2600 01
ED         2600 03
ED         2600 04
EDS        2900 03
EDS        2900 04
EGR        1980 01
ENG        3000 02
FIN 3120 01
ISE        3540 01
KNH        2530 01
M&I        2200 01
MBA        5100 90
MBA        7600 90 & 91
MGT        4260 01
MKT        2500 01
MKT        3400 01
MKT        4300 01
MKT        4400 01
MTH        1440 ALL
MTH        1450 ALL
MUS        2140 04
MUS        2140 90
MUS        2140 91
MUS        2140 92
MUS        2420 ALL
PSY        3010 ALL
SCM        3070 ALL
SOC        2000 06
STT 1600 ALL
UVC        1000 90
WGS        1000 ALL