Inclusive Courseware Fee

The newest textbook delivery method at Wright State.  Courseware encompasses a number of learning materials, and typically it is an eTextbook with an interactive learning platform such as Connect, MyLab, Mindtap, etc.  These learning platforms contain interactive course material including readings, quizzes, videos, flash cards, and other material designed to help you learn and succeed in your course.  Your instructor has chosen this material and will be requiring it in the course.  These items are available as new only and Wright State has negotiated special pricing to have this material delivered directly to you in Pilot. 

The fee for this material is part of your tuition and is listed as DPTCOURSE_INCLUSIVE COURSEWARE under the CRN detail.  Per the Department of Education, this fee is allowed when offering significant savings to students for their course material.  An Opt-Out form is available from RAIDERCONNECT at, but is strongly discouraged.  If you choose to Opt-Out, you are responsible for obtaining course material in a timely manner to ensure academic success in the course.

Inclusive Courseware Fee is refundable during the 100% refund period.  For complete details, please visit the RAIDERCONNECT website.


BIO 1150 – Section 01

DEV 0970 – All Sections

DEV 0990 – All Sections

EC 2050 – Section 05

M&I 2200 – Section 01

MTH 1450 – Sections 02, 03, 04, 06, 09, 72, 73, 74, 76

PSY 3210 – Sections 01, 02

PSY 3010 – Sections 01, 07

UVC 1000 – Section 90