Leadership Development and Accountability


Human Resources identified a responsibility toward, and a benefit from, leadership development and accountability. Programming and support to improve leadership skills, performance management, talent management, succession planning, educational/goal attainment, etc. are necessary to develop and retain the world-class workforce desired by Wright State University. The expertise housed within the Human Resources Department is the best option for delivering that programming and support from a skill and mission standpoint, but will also need physical space conducive to these goals.

Concurrently, university employees at all levels must be held accountable for origination and timely processing of transactions related to the pay, employment status, and overall workforce management of the faculty and staff in their units. To support this accountability, timeliness and compliance with the University’s human resource polices should be evaluated during the performance appraisal process and including in consideration of merit pay awards. Otherwise, HR will continue to be over-utilized for fixing problems rather than creating a solution-oriented service department. HR must be charged and trusted with leadership development and providing data to leadership at all levels to facilitate unit workforce management at the unit level. HR must also be supported by having its functional authority supported by senior management, thus creating a culture of accountability. Exceptions should be rare and based on novel or unique situations. 

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

The leadership development function will be centralized in the Human Resources Department. Training and development space and staffing requirements will be evaluated as part of other initiatives covered. The University administration (i.e., Cabinet and Council of Deans), along with HR, will discuss and formulate methods to increase accountability for compliance with University procedures as well as leadership behaviors.

Current Action Items

  1. Develop a comprehensive leadership development program, housed within and led by the Human Resources department, which addresses professional development needs of employees at all levels
  2. Through the Vice President of Business and Fiscal Affairs, HR will provide guidance in best practices regarding accountability to the University administration to allow for informed partnership and support structures
  3. Lead a task force to help define “what is a supervisor” and track how to put it in Banner.

Long Term Action Items

  1. Develop action plan for implementing continuous process improvement strategies to ensure optimal performance of each business process (e.g., streamlining, task reassignment, etc.)
  2. Identify and design long term physical space solution to allow for optimal performance of all business processes

Leadership Development and Accountability Team

Emily Hamman (Team Facilitator)
Cindy Schisler
Beth Gisewite