Continuous Process Improvement and Alignment


The HR team recognizes a need for continuous process improvement to address inefficiencies in procedures and client interactions and imbalance of workload to available time and resources. Inefficiencies often overlap with previously identified areas for improvement – namely physical space and automation – or are a result of loosely structured support and outreach processes, such as benefits enrollment and employee orientation. These areas also need to be evaluated for effectiveness as part of a long-term plan to optimize the on-boarding process. It is also acknowledged that job duty assignment and reporting structure realignment may result in improved efficiency, but that cannot be effectively evaluated until progress has been made on automation and other initiatives.

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

The HR department will engage in continuous process improvement through an incremental approach. As previously outlined in this action plan document, automation projects will expand through the addition of new HRIS staff, with online benefits enrollment slated for Fall 2013. Mandatory new employee orientation on a set schedule will be implemented. Physical space needs will be addressed with short-term and long-term measures to improve working conditions, facilitate professional interactions with clients, and add space for employee training.

The results of these projects will allow for an informed evaluation of staffing needs, job duty assignments, and reporting structures, which will be conducted collaboratively by representatives of all HR business processes and key stakeholder groups.

Current Action Items

  1. Launch online open enrollment this fall
  2. Proceed with automation initiative (see Automation Action Plan)
  3. Establish mandatory orientation for staff on a set schedule (See New Employee Orientation Action Plan)
  4. Proceed with short-term physical space project (see Physical Space Action Plan)
  5. Finalize work process flow charts and capture major job responsibilities and each business processes

Long Term Action Items

  1. Develop action plan for implementing continuous process improvement strategies to ensure optimal performance of each business process (e.g., streamlining, task reassignment, etc.)
  2. Identify and design long term physical space solution to allow for optimal performance of all business processes

Continuous Process Improvement and Alignment Team

Tamara Jones (Team Facilitator)
Barb Gullett
Meltem Kokaly
Latricia Milhouse
Debra Thomas