Training and Education


The Training and Education Committee agrees that training and education empowers all employees. Offering the most relevant trainings in the most accessible and useful formats are paramount to maximizing the value for employees. A number of training and development programs are currently offered across campus, but no centralized listing exists. The largest number and variety are offered through Computing and Telecommunications (CaTS), Human Resources, and Organizational Development and Learning. Another example, the WINGS Resource Center, contains zones for Students, Faculty and Staff with instruction and videos to explain topics pertinent to the group. Creating awareness of existing opportunities could expand personal and professional development in the department without requiring existing resources.

Solution(s) & Plan(s)


Current Actions Items:

  • Survey the FBO employees on desired training topics and format.
  • Help employees use the training available to meet their training and education wants/needs. 
  • Identify any training that is needed for compliance and regulations.
  • Compile a centralized list of training and development programs currently offered at Wright State.

Long-Term Questions to Address:

  • How could training not offered at Wright State University be funded?
  • Should/could there be an incentive for an employee when completing training?
  • Could there be a Training Coordinator in Human Resources?



Training and Education Team

(Team Facilitator)