Process Improvement


An emerging need identified at the Appreciative Inquiry Summit was to facilitate operational efficiencies by creating a framework for Finance and Business Operations employees to communicate process improvement ideas and to provide a platform where those ideas can be evaluated, prioritized and executed. Specifically, a forum is needed to raise awareness about the need for improvement, communicate the need to management, and obtain resources and buy-in to pursue. By empowering employees at all levels to contribute ideas, operational efficiencies and innovative processes may be uncovered that would previously have been overlooked. 

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

  • Gather ideas from Division employees to improve business processes originating within the Division
  • Evaluate and prioritize improvement ideas
  • Develop and coordinate project solution(s)
  • Monitor and report progress through final implementation

Idea Proposal Form

Please use the link below to submit your ideas to improve a business process within the Division of Business & Finance using the following guidelines;

  • A business process you participate in its origination
  • A business process you are affected by

Characteristics of processes that may need improving may exhibit;

  • Errors or inaccuracy in information that causes re-work
  • Delays that adversely impact other processes
  • Excessive manual input or handling
  • Frequent complaints from customers that the process isn’t working for them
  • Excessive redundancy or complexity that results in wasted time and effort

If your idea follows these general guidelines, please complete the Process Improvement Proposal (PIP) form (PDF).  You will need to download the PDF and scan the completed form and send to


Process Improvement Team

Vince Bibbs (Team Facilitator)
Pam Bowers (Team Facilitator)
John White
Amanda Ping
Maggie Ratep-Schankin
Suganya Sundaram
Gary Sutton
Bev Combs