Process Improvement


An emerging need identified at the Appreciative Inquiry Summit was to facilitate operational efficiencies by creating a framework for Finance and Business Operations employees to communicate process improvement ideas and to provide a platform where those ideas can be evaluated, prioritized and executed. Specifically, a forum is needed to raise awareness about the need for improvement, communicate the need to management, and obtain resources and buy-in to pursue. By empowering employees at all levels to contribute ideas, operational efficiencies and innovative processes may be uncovered that would previously have been overlooked. 

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

  • The Process Improvement Team will research and benchmark existing idea submission platforms and will identify opportunities to partner where synergies exist.
  • A platform and rubric will be developed to evaluate, prioritize and execute process improvement ideas.
  • Business Case templates will be designed to capture description, impact, scope, stakeholders, improvement measures, etc.
  • Once piloted/tested in FBO, the team will institutionalize process improvement within the Division.

Process Improvement Team

Vince Bibbs (Team Facilitator)
Pam Bowers (Team Facilitator)
John White
Amanda Ping
Maggie Ratep-Schankin
Suganya Sundaram
Gary Sutton
Bev Combs