Policy Awareness and Compliance


The Finance and Business Operations (FBO) Appreciative Inquiry Summit revealed a challenge in achieving the departmental goal of excellence in policy compliance. Policies are in place at Wright State University to ensure efficiency and integrity in its operations. Some of these policies include deadlines for paperwork, regulations on documentation and codes for posting positions. The summit confirmed the many exceptions that are being made. These exceptions may have a negative impact on the productivity, cost effectiveness and in some cases, the perception of transparency and fairness. The goal is to identify the areas of interest and the policies that seem to produce the request for exceptions. We will provide the education on policies that are identified.  Monitoring will continue to improve compliance.  

Solution(s) & Plan(s)


The plan consists of five phases.

  1. Track requests for exceptions in Budget, Payroll, Accounts Payable and Human Resources.  The report will contain information on the parties requesting the special processing and the reason. 
  2. Create an electronic survey and send to all areas of the division to identify any other departments that are frequently affected by these exception requests.
  3. Identify policies that require further education and awareness. 
  4. Provide training sessions/online training to the WSU community.
  5. Monitor areas for improvement and enforce policies when needed.  


Policy Awareness and Compliance Team

 (Team Facilitator)