Customer Service


Consistent, excellent customer service emerged as a key desire of Financial and Business Operations stakeholders at the Appreciative Inquiry Summit. While customer service is a goal of FBO units, there is no clearly defined standard for employees to reference in their interactions with internal and external stakeholders. An explicit Customer Service Agreement would establish standards, serve as a point of reference, and enhance customer service skills of employees.  A Customer Service Agreement would:

  • Prompt a quicker response time for priority calls and emails
  • Set standards that can be relied upon
  • Enhance employee relations within the division
  • Identify other avenues for resolution prior to calls being made
  • Hold managers/supervisors accountable for resolving problem areas within their department

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

Current Action Items:

  • Meet with select employees (focus groups) within the division to gain the information we would need in order to construct the service agreement.
  • Get input from external stakeholders (on-line survey) in regards to past customer service experienced from FBO.
  • Construct the Customer Service Agreement.

Long-Term Action Items:

  • Develop a Plan to monitor the progress of the Customer Service Agreement.
  • With support from Human Resources, develop training and facilitation programs to expand the Customer Service Agreement throughout the Division and University.

Customer Service Team

 (Team Facilitator)