Technology Solutions


The Department of Facilities Management and Services (FMS) recognizes that an opportunity to improve the distribution of project-related information is at hand. FMS also recognizes that the use of technology can be a tool to manage and distribute this information, goals, progress, and outcomes. Our solution will strive to unify and to simplify the project information cascade throughout the division and throughout the project lifecycle.

FMS projects vary in duration, resource allocation and utilization, change control, and customer impact. The solution will capture projects from conception to delivery. Effective routing and access control will facilitate the flow of information. The vision of a successful solution is to empower employees to become knowledgeable in the FMS project activities and to satisfy customers with a completed project, on time, and within budget. 

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

A two-tiered system solution is proposed. First, a comprehensive website will be developed for FMS. Second, an employee-access information portal will be built and accessed via Wings.

The FMS Website should include a broad overview describing the activities and services of each department, with links to each department webpage. This page will also serve as a dashboard, with a brief description of all projects and their current status. Each project will be linked to a page housing project information – goals and objectives, projected schedule with current status, current approved drawings, all specs for materials to be used, project meeting notes, change orders, and informational announcements. Department webpages will then be reconfigured, as some of this information can be found on each page. 

The Defined Access Information Portal will be available to WSU employees via the University Portal System. The information portal will house information on University Standards, Current WSU drawings for each building and campus as a whole, include water lines, fire system, gas, electrical. Email notification for updates. This will include all parties from top to bottom and through the project lifecycle. It is understood that all projects, regardless of size will be dynamic and evolving. The solution will allow all users right to choose the information they need updated on and will allow users to contribute feedback.

Technology Solutions Team

Brad Bubp (Team Facilitator)
David Kendrick (Team Facilitator)
Carol Alexander
Sarah Barrett
Cory Collins
Paul Grandinette
Chris Haring
Marjorie Markopoulos
Mike Mcgirr