Project Design Process Audit and Policy Development


Facilities Management and Services recognizes that employees from all levels and areas of the organization can provide valuable input on University capital projects. We are championing a project design process and framework to enable inclusion from all stakeholders as well to provide feedback mechanisms to ensure compliance and stakeholder satisfaction.

Solution(s) & Plan(s)

Facilities Management and Services developed a committee with cross-functional membership of departmental employees and university stakeholders. The committee conducted focus groups and surveyed participants and users of past and current capital projects to ascertain both past experience and desired involvement and results. With this framework, standing policies and processes will be reviewed and revamped to ensure inclusive and transparent project design process.

Project Design Process Audit & Policy Team

Dan Papay (Team Facilitator)
Jeff Trick (Team Facilitator)
Eric Corbitt
Bill Knotts
Bonnie Mathies
Richard Montgomery
Wende Morgan-Elliott
Kathy Morris
Kim Morris
Linda Ramey
Matt Rizki
Sukhmanjit Singh
Trevor Small